Simi Valley Interface

Wanted to start one up because I’m pretty fucking bored.
And I’m tired of playing shitty scrubs there that think they are good because they can do 1-2 uppercut.
Well interface people get fucking better

boo simi… why go there when u can take the 118 to ffa?

hahaha j/k

boo simi…

Watch this thread go to the bottom of the list really really really fast… This isn’t helping but oh well.

I used to go to Interface.

lucky for you punks you dont need to go to interface :encore:

waiting for my WoW to patch up.
your gay matt.

were too lazy to drive to FFA sometimes to find that nobody decent is playing 3S.

half the players at interface haven’t even hit puberty yet

and they suck… but they think they are good

So Im working at Interface today…Joey and I are browsing thru the WOW forums laughing at random dumb posts…when all of a sudden, we hear Ty bitching about the jab button going on and off at the h2h cabinet on the player 1 side…so the dude Ty is playing with yells out “Go tell the guy that works here…he’ll fix it”…and Ty goes, “Nah its ok”…and drops a token at the same cabinet and then he goes on losing 4 or 5 games in a row…one game he had fukn Yun and I guess he thought he could play Yun with the jab randomly going on and off…but lost…and then he bitches and shyt about how fukd up the controls are…and the guy goes, “Hey just tell the worker here!..He’ll Fix it!”…Ty goes up and gets more tokens and continues to play on the fukd up side of the h2h cabinet and still loses, and keeps bitching about the controls loud enuff for us to hear it, but doesnt go up to me or Joey and tell us about the problem…then he just leaves…without telling us about the problem!!!..YOU FUKN WEENIE !!!

We didnt fix it, btw :slight_smile:

And the dude Ty played against is Tyler…Tyler now has over 20 wins :tup:

cough you play at interface too, with your brother cough :qcf:

I can’t think of any reason why I wouldn’t tell you guys… Damn maybe its becuase every other fucking time I tell an employee there they put tape over it.I CAN’T beleive you would watch and not help and then come here and make a post about it. Why do I bitch about simple shit like that? Becuase its simple and thats what I want it to be. I just wanted to play 3s with my friend and relieve some fucking stress and this happens. Why the hell would you do this? I use to think you were the coolest guy.

I posted it cuz this is a trend thats been going on at both interface and ffa…it gets really bad when ppl post how the stix suk and then the ppl who post doesnt tell anyone behind the desk about the problem…if it gets taped up, then that just means it’ll be out of order til one of us gets to it…the point is, once you see there’s a problem, then stop and let us know about it…if theres anyone there that can fix the problem, then they’ll look at it…if not, then we’ll get to it later…if u dont tell anyone, then the next guy will encounter the same problem and then the mess grows bigger and bigger when its not suppose to.

Im sorry if u thought I was messed up for doing that, but I thought it was even more messed up that u saw there was a problem and didnt let anyone working there know about it…it just mind fuks me to see ppl do this and then be too pissed to tell anyone that might be able to take care of the problem…I deal with stuff like this all the time at ffa and I just dont wanna see that happening at interface

btw, I had Joey fix it before I left :bgrin:

What, there’s an arcade in Simi? I had no idea. I go to school up north but I’m always at home in Moorpark during break. And here I thought FFA was the only one nearby, and because it’s a half hour away I only go once every week or two. Where is Interface at? The only arcade-like thing I knew of in Simi was that place by the movie theaters on Tapo, I don’t remember the name. Or is that the one you’re talking about?

This is down on your right, same street, right after the freeway by John’s market. Don’t expect anything like FFA, you’ll be lucky to catch a few people playing 3S there. 3S is the only fighter to get played there anyways so don’t bother to come for anything else.

the marvel cab at interface makes me sad :frowning:

Sick. I’ll definitely come over after the semester is done in late May. And yeah, I don’t expect anything more than 3S these days. I like ST a lot more, but hey, what are you gonna do.

enjoy 3s more… thats what youre gonna do

Singles Tourney Suggestion

Out of the normals to the interface… Would you like to throw a small singles tourney?

Yes, I would win though.