Similar Style Help

I have not played SSF4 in some time, so I have pretty much lost all experience with it. During that time I have played other games which helped define my style.

So now in this game I am trying to find a character with a similar style (I can’t really tell the styles of characters unless they are pointed out to me, at least for this game).

I’m looking for a fairly balanced character, one that does well from any range. Someone who has good defensive tools but can also perform well when going on the offense.

Just for perspective: In BlazBlue CS2 I main Jin and Mu-12. In MvC3 my team is Sentinel, Hsien-Ko, and Dante.

Please help.


Ryu really does it all from everywhere.

Pretty much Ryu. hes designed to be the jack of all trades

my vote is for Ryu.

My vote is Gen.


Real talk, Gen too.

Don’t know about Gen, probably a little complicated for a beginner.

Like everyone else, from what you said you wanted Ryu is definitely the first to come to mind.

As update to further clarify things.

I took a little quiz to help myself with this, and it turns out the description fits me to a T. Here it is:

TACTICIAN-You are the thinking fighter. You love to master characters, and to get into the head of your opponent. You win by out-maneuvering your opponent, and by luring them into positions where you have the advantage.

Hopefully this helps fill things out more. =)

That description can really fit any character. Maybe not the “outmaneuvering” part, but the rest for sure.

I recommend T. Hawk </biased>

Do you read horoscopes as well?

So much for help in that department.

Ultimately, finding a main comes down to a few different factors:

  1. Who do you LIKE to use?
  2. Who are you going to stick with even when you lose?
  3. Who fits your style?

In that order. First find you which characters you like to use and take it from there.

I swear, this advice also works for choosing a college major.

I want to know what characters fit that description. As far as who I like to use, I don’t know. I have not found anyone who fits my style because they all seem to be rushdown to me. I am looking for someone mobile who can escape heated situations, while still space the opponent and wait for the time to strike. This is why I use Mu-12 and Jin in BBCS2, because they do very well at such tactics. Its hard to know which character does that in this game because their styles all seem the same. As far as the characters I like to use Chun-Li, Cammy, Oni, C.Viper, and many others don’t seem to fit my style.

Its easy for me to see this in other fighters, but in this one it harder for some reason.

If you LIKE Chun, Cammy, Oni, and Viper, put some time into them, first. Its not easy for us to say “This is THE character for you.” I picked up SF4 about a month after its release, and I never was totally content with a character until a couple months after Super’s release when I picked up T. Hawk. I’m the kind of guy who likes to slowly stalk my opponent, poke at him as I get close, then slam him into the ground and start a simple, yet damaging mixup. It took me a while to really find that comfort level.

Different games result in different styles. In MvC3, I play Hulk on point. My goal there is to get in my opponent’s face ASAP then go for that powerful j.S crossup. In MK9 (the few times I play), I take Noob Saibot and zone my opponent into frustration. You may have found characters in BBCS2 that work for you in that game, but SSF4 is a different game. I haven’t played much of Blazblue, so I can’t speak to similarities, but I know enough to know that Street Fighter 4 is different enough where your Blazblue style may not carry over.

SentinelPilot your correct response at this point is: Ryu! Gee thanks for holding my hand guys! NEXT

I hate Ryu for the record, so…no.

#2 I guess you are right Private, I suppose things like this take time.

Ryu would be the obvious choice, but there’s also Evil Ryu if you want a more glass cannon style of jack-of-all-trades.

If you want to try a charge character, another balanced type that nobody seems to mention is Dee Jay.

Evil Ryu could be a good choice. As long as you don’t play him like Ryu, like many seem to do. Evil Ryu CAN be played just like Ryu, but he also has some CRAZY damage potential. Dee Jay is another solid idea. I generally forget about him because…well, I think he’s forgettable.

Balrog is the best character in the game to create solid fundamentals with. Balrogs combos and links are very simple and do not require much repetition to understand you can get right into working on memorizing them. He teaches you footsies because his normals are so incredibly solid. His rush down is also very, very good with his dash punches, standing lp pressure, etc. Balrog also teachs you how to be really patient in a game where the common person thinks that jumping and rush down is the way to go. Balrog teachs you to stay grounded and know when its ok to go in and ok to sit back and do nothing. Balrog has very few weakness if played well and because he forces you practice Defense, Offense, and Footsies all the time, he will in the long run make you a better player and more aware of the game you are playing.

If you really commit to it and really work on bettering yourself, Balrog is the way to go. Any charge character really forces good fundamentals.