Similarities between Seth and Urien

I’m sure alot of u are already well aware of this, but I just wanted to share it with SRK for those that may not:


And this deserves it’s own thread becaaaause…


Not knowing who Urien is, this is interesting, but…

So What?

Never played any SF3 games so this is interesting.

My face bone is connected to my…

palm bone. ¬_¬

I think SF4 is taking place in a different timeline to SF3 considering all the dead chars not being, well, dead any more, so Seth probably is SF4’s version of Urien since they look so similar. Seth sounds cooler as a bonus.
Of course, I wouldn’t object to Urien, or any char provided as DLC. I’d much rather see an unnerfed Seth striding back into the ring though! :stuck_out_tongue:

and your other palm bone is connected to your…

ass bone. :slight_smile:

I suppose that video explains why it would be easy to put Urien in, but it doesn’t make a good argument as to why he should be in. It makes it seem pointless by saying Seth is a clone of Urien (lol no).

I’m sorry for actually taking this thread a little serious everyone.

lol why put urien?
so damage scaleing can be worse?
YESSS we REALLY want free reset damage

I’ve been saying all I wanted was a “Uriens underwear” costume for seth

but they gave him those terrible pants and the stupid ray man costume instead