Simple Animated Avatar Request (pics inluded)

Hey, it’s a Heroes avatar request…I just want the avatar to go through each of the casts pictures.

The speed doesn’t matter, as long as each character is distinguishable. If there’s too many to have decent quality, tell me and i’ll cut some chars out.

Free rep and :lovin: to the person who can make it for me.

Here’s a quick mock up:

:wasted: Unfortunately, it’s file size (71.79 KB) it too big for SRK. If you want me to eliminate some people I can to try to make it smaller or maybe someone else knows how to pull it off.


I lowered the picture quality of the GIF and brought the file size down to 48.69 KB:

If you like it, it’s yours… dood.[/COLOR]

You can try saving it as Gif-32 or Gif-16, but th quality is gonna go down the tubes…

Yeah Dood always pulls through :tup:

Thanks dood.

One minor request, is it possible to change the “Heros” to “Heroes”? /grammar nazi :rofl:

If you have to change every frame, don’t worry about it, I have an amusing fix to the problem that won’t require changing the av.

:rofl: As usual, I fail even when I win. Yeah, Just give me about 10 minutes. I just got to remake one frame so it shouldn’t take too long… dood.


Fixed… dood.


In fact, more than perfect. 120% :rofl:

:wonder: Cool, glad you like it… dood.

Hi Yeah Dood. We have the same Birthday. Happy Birthday:) We are awesome. Yes.

:wonder: Happy birthday KrsJin. Dang, I haven’t heard anything from you in like, what, 6-7 months? Where have you been hiding… dood?