Simple av request

Yea, this video:

At about 1:37-1:38 where you see the whale thing jump and eat the floating dude, if you could just put that one second on a loop. Maybe if you think you can do something with like 1:33-1:34 where the dude is bobbing up then that would be cool too.

If you can’t make it non-prem size, then I’ll buy a month of prem. so I can get equipped! with special avatar! cue megaman music

Anyway, yea, it’s pretty simple. If you can maybe have the whale going like “nomnomnomnom” or “RAWR” or something that would be cool. I just want the avatar to have the whale jumping over and eating the dude, the rest is up to you. I don’t need my name in it or anything.

Thanks in advance. And I would appreciate it if the person who does this, if anyone does, to pm me, as I don’t come in IMM very often and might miss the avatar posted. I should be coming in though to check on the thread. Thanks again.

no takers? :frowning:

:xeye: PM sent… dood!

Thanks dood