Simple avatar request for any artist

Well actually 2 simple requests, for any artist who is looking to help.

The first image is

One request is could you possibly change the dimensions to 500x500?

And if it looks awkward, use the dimension ratio for it.

This would be for my myspace.

And also could you shrink down this image:

To avatar size for this forum. And possibly add a border that fits the theme of blue and black.

And if you feel extra nice, add my name. But please post both versions of one with and without my name, just so I can decide which is more appealing for me to use.

Thank you.

Okay let me correct myself, on the 2nd image if you could just shrink it down and make it somewhat visible in avatar size.

doing it now…



myspace pic thingy:


if anything else just ask…

I really appreciate it. Thank you.

Unfortunately MS Paint blows.

np, lol get photoshop…

Ya I just don’t know if I feel like waiting 2 months for the download.

Anyways, what version are they on now with Photoshop?

The 2nd image u hosted thats 500x500 is the same.

And it says the file is too large when I go to use it as my avatar. It needs to be under or equal to 19.5 kb.

maybe shrink it down a little?