Simple Avatar Request

can someone help remove all words in the image and replace it with “Jae The One”. Also if possible can the whole image be used instead of just the upper body. thanks to any takers.

Here you go.

awh didn’t come out as good as i thought it would with the full image. sorry but could you try it the normal way also no offense the text looks a little tacky. i really appreciate your help though :smile:.

So you just want the upper body showing?

Like this ? :

dude you always come thru thanks :wgrin:. i really wanted the whole image but if it doesn’t work then its ok.

It looks bad if I use the whole image cause the image is shaped like rectangle not a square, looks un-proportioned and the image is gonna get cut off and theres gonna be alot of space to fill in. So the main is gonna look really small.

I forgot “the” :lol:

LBC’s such a champ.

i realized that after the first attempt. damn srk restrictions lol. thanks agian.


I like mines better. I worked so hard on it, you know. I scribbled off that background text with a red pencil tool and then busted my trademark green comic sans font. That’s class.

But to each his own, I suppose.

Bravo, LBC. Bravo.

haha thanks a lot though

HAHA. I see what you’re doing. Good shit TFR. :china:

Bah my ghetto tastic 2 frame animations would manhandle dat green comic sans anyday bro. :bgrin: :wgrin: