Simple Buffs

With all the new-found rumors about there potentially being an update to UMVC3, I was wondering, what do you think can be done to RR to make him a much more viable character. I’ve been using RR since the game launched, and even though I’m nowhere as good as I want my RR to be (I run a Zero/Frank West/ RR or Hawkeye/RR/X team)I’ve come up with a few buffs to make him better.

1) GIVE HIM A DAMN MACHINE GUN/BEAM PROJECTILE. How did RR get put in this game with no machine gun like special move, I mean the cannon move is good and all but it comes out too damn slow. Give him a machine gun move like Chris’s M+QCF. It would make his keepaway game much more stronger and open up new possibilities for zoning methods.

2) LET HIS (Boulder, Shrapnel, Net, and Fire) TRAPS STAY ON SCREEN FOR A LITTLE WHILE AFTER HE’S HIT. I’m not to sure how this would work to make the mechanic balanced, but using Chris as an example, his fire grenade stays on screen even after he is hit. Chris has 1. whatever million life while RR has a measly 750 and his oil bomb trap goes away immediately after he’s hit…WHAT!!!

  1. POSSIBLE LIFE BUFF. Nothing major really…maybe give him an even 800…I mean he’s a damn intergalactic soldier…he should be able to take at least 2 hits before dying.


  3. WISHFUL THINKING: **AN ALTERED STATE SUPER. **I always had this weird idea of giving him a super that has him put on like a heavy suit of armor where he mimics Hesin-Ko’s (sp?) gold mode.


What do you guys think? Im also curious to know what buffs you’d like to see. Because lets be honest…we’ve all thought about some.

Hitstun’s a little mean to RR, and if it wasn’t so mean I’d be happier. Or maybe just a damage buff. A little more life would be nice too.
I’d rather see a back.H pistol or something that shoots straight (with limited range) rather than a new special move.
I wouldn’t be against Oil Bomb staying after RR got hit. Not his traps though, those are too easy to place.

I do think that if RR received some simple buffs the game wouldn’t suffer, but I also do have faith in him as a character as it stands. To be honest I haven’t thought about buffs for him in a while. I’d have to take some time to think about it.

Wow, lots of stuff that Rocket doesn’t need at all in your list, OP.

1.) Rocket isn’t a keepaway character.
2.) This would be nice but he doesn’t need it.
3.) Also nice, but he doesn’t need this either.
4.) Okay?
5.) Ermmm?
6.) Damage is low because he is a reset machine. Learn some unblockable resets.

What he really needs are
1.) The ability to take action after firing his cannon in the air
2.) A way to convert super jump hits into a combo

<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“Keits”>
What he really needs are
1.) The ability to take action after firing his cannon in the air
2.) A way to convert super jump hits into a combo</blockquote>

I personally believe that RR’s weaknesses revolve around his inability to deal with some matchups where the opponent can thrive at superjump height, so I think I agree with you here. How exactly do you think RR should be able to convert superjump hits into a combo? Make his Spitfire have great hitstun at the very beginning of a combo maybe?

He needs some air special move that gives him a hardknockdown or ground bounce, simple as that.

it would also be cool if he could use his H normals to activate his own traps. and they had a bigger area of effect on the ground

Ok this is an easy one for me. I personaly believe all he needs is:

1.He should have at least 850 health so that he doesnt die from half a combo.
2. The ability to cancel out of his special moves into rocket skates! (kinda like spiderman) This will help him get in alot easier without the help of assit using spit fire and cancling into rocket skates. (This will help his rush down and zoning!)
3. His otg bear trap needs to be buff so it will consistently cause a ground bounce without the strict timing
4. He needs more hits stun (I think its bullshit that he has the worse hit stun in the game!)

An S followup for air Spitfire could do that.