Simple, but specific questions about building an Arcade Stick (help me)

Hi, I’m Leir and I’ve made an account just yesterday. I’ve been lurking round for some time, but I’ve just recently decided to make an account. this is my first post :3

I’m going to build an Arcade Stick this semester and hopefully will be finished with it untill may at least because I want to kick butts in Street Fighter V ( I have a sick fanboish desire to lay this game as soon as possible to keep up with the community). The second reason I’m trying to build this stick is because I need to do a project involving wood and metal for a class in college and building a pretty arcade sitck is the perfect project for that, as it seems to be simple enough to build with guidance (that they’ll provide) to cutting and carving into Wood as well as with the right tools to cut and solder (which they’ll also provide).

Going to the point now, I need a Stick I can use with the PS4. I only use a Notebook for PC gaming and it’s a pretty good one, but it won’t handle SFV easily. So I wanna build this stick from the Hori Fighting Commaner 4 PCB. I already even know where to solder to and I think it’ll be simple enough. I do have some questions…

1 - Aside from the handle, the buttons, and the obvious wood box to put everything into, will I need anything more than the PCB? From what I’ve seen, I just solder the button thingys (the positive side) on the PCB and connect them to the buttons, then connect a neutral one from one of the buttons on the PCB and connect them to all of the buttons (the neutral can be shared through them). The handle is more or less the same, and then when it’s all done I just plug the USB into the PS4 and that’s it… right? It should work… right? No need for anything else… right?

2 - I know where to solder for the main buttons, the :lk: :mk: :hk: ; :lp: :mp: :hp: (the six main buttons) but I really wanted to build at least an 8 button stick. I’ve been told it’s possible, but I don’t know where exactly to solder for R1/R2; L1/L2. This picture is from Supergun:

I see the two board thingys up there that correspond to the triggers, as well as the circle inside them that should correpond to the areas where you would solder for those triggers. If I solder on them, wold it work? If I just cut those little boards off and then connect those cables that were on them to the Sanwa buttons, would that work as well?

3 - This is less of a problem, but it’s nice anyway: Is there somewhere in this forum, or somewhere you guys can share with me where I can find the right measures for real arcade sticks like some Madcatz models and such? It would help me when making the button placement on my little custom wooden box and trying to find the right balance of size and design for it to be pretty (it needs to have a kinda neat visual cause it is for a class after all and it will affect my score when the class ends).

I think these are my main concerns. For the stick, I plan to use a default Seimitsu handle and Sanwa buttons, but not the quiet ones because I like the feedback.

Thanks for any help that I get. I’m sorry if thing are not that clear! (I hate to use the “english is not my main language” card but it is true)

1 - If you’re just building a simple case then yes, you don’t really need anything else.

2 - R1 and R2 are your HP and HK. L2 and L1 are your extra buttons. You need to keep the smaller boards connected to the main board in order for them to work.

3 - I don’t think there’s one single resource for dimensions of various arcade sticks. Google or ask around.

I believe he’s looking for templates on where to drill the button/stick holes. like these

Ah, my bad. I derped and thought he wanted dimensions for the actual case :tongue:

Not entirely correct; you can use the solder points labeled CN2 and CN3 on the main board for your shoulder buttons, whether they be R1+R2/L1+L2, or L3+R3/L1+L2.

Thanks guys. I think both of you are right, though I guess i’ll do as SHSL_Street_Fighter said maintain those smaller boards connected to the main board and solder on them, simply because soldering on them seems way easier. I have a bigger area to make up for any mistakes I might do, being a noob to this stuff.

As for the templates, yes they are part of what I wanted but I also wanted the common dimensions for custom custom Sticks people normally do as well as from popular sticks sold from big manufacturers (madcatz, hori and the like). I imagined that there was a chance that someone had a single source for that kind of thing, but if there isn’t, I’ll just search around and make google my best friend.

Thanks guys, it’s really helpfull. Doing this kind of thing for the first time makes small doubts feel like they’re big, specially in my case where buying this PCB and other parts are quite the investment (the economy is extremely inflated where I live, right now).

EDIT: Idk what are the rules about double posting, so I just edited this to ask: Do you guys have any sugestion about what I should do about the PS; Share and options buttons? I figured I should buy generic cheap Sanwa copies and use them to use as those buttons (I guess the Share button would be useless to me but the Options and PS buttons are useful).

Are there other button options I could use for those? if there was something smaller than those sanwa generics, I’d prefer it. These buttons are kinda big and take too much space for something I’ll only press once a while.

Look for anti-vandal buttons.
Or you can pretty much use ANY momentary contact pushbuttons. For example, etokki sells a whole bunch in different sizes and colors:

“What are the rules about double posting”?
It is generally discouraged; but in some cases its okay, like if you are writing up a build log or guide.
In a general discussion, if you want to add more to your statement use the edit feature

“PS, Share and options buttons”?
Most sticks use smaller 24mm buttons for start, select, options, PS/Home and to the effect but if you making your own stick from starch, you could use what ever you want.
Some people use cheaper buttons, Happ or iL brand buttons, 12mm push buttons from radio shack, tac switches, use what ever suits you.

So nobody thought about linking FrankCastleAZ’s Info Guide to commercial Sticks? Dig though it and you’ll get an idea about the general ballpark in terms of XYZ-dimensions. However: Although common layouts such as seen on slagcoin may have fixed spacings, they’re nowhere near as written in stone. So if for example you feel more comfortable with a bigger distance between both hands, go for it; the same goes for the palm-rest area, etc.

That’s a very nice source for the information I need. Thanks man! I’ll begin to make this probably around next month and I’ll make a nice little topic in here with all the process so noobs like me will feel safer to try the same thing.