Simple Combos on Pad



Im think about picking up Swagnus, Magnegro, whatever you dub him (I like magnegro, but I digress), and I play pad, so generally execution is got to be really good because Magneto is a precision and timing based character. All im asking is for some basic bnb’s that wont murder my controller. I want to ease my way into the destruction of my controller ya know. And any other tips for Magnetos combos would be help full


Have a one button dash that is M+H and a one button dash that is L+M. Use your L+M dash during combos where you dash into H, and use the M+H dash for overhead tridash L pressure.

Other than that, my midscreen BnB is fairly simple (though I play on stick not pad):

c.L, c.M, c.H, S, j.H xx L+M dash, j.H xx Magnetic Blast …

From this point there are two combos you can do, the first being easier and the second dealing more damage:

1. dash S, j.H xx L+M dash, j.H, j.S (end with whatever super/DHC you want)
2. dash j.M, j.H xx Magnetic Blast, S, j.H xx L+M dash, j.H

Edit: Here you go, uploaded a (poor quality) video of me doing them for you. First variant is the harder one, second variant is the easier one.


Ok Thanks, that helps alot


Im being serious in case that came off as sarcastic


I also just started Magneto. The combo i usually do is cr.L, cr.M, cr.H, S,sj.H adf j.H, magnetic blast L, land, dash , S , sj. H , adf, j.H j.S , Shockwave OR cr.L, cr.M, cr.H, S, j.H, adf , j.H, Magnetic Blast L, land, dash, j.MH, Magnetic Blast L, st.HS sj. MMHS, Shockwave. I still can’t do flight loops so i just do these. lol.


When starting Magneto on pad I started with Magnetic blasts, the inputs for that are above by Pobega and TridashOrdinance. Fly combos are easy aswell c.L c.M c.H S sj.H airdashforward j.M Fly j.L j.H dash j.M j.H airdashforward j.M j.H airdashforward j.M j.H airdashforward j.M j.H j.S Shockwave and the more popular version c.L c.M c.H S sj.H airdashforward j.M Fly j.L j.H dash j.H airdashforward j.H airdashforward j.H airdashforward j.h j.S Shockwave. You could have asked this in the combo thread


When I first started playing with Magneto, I was still a bit new to Marvel and haven’t really transitioned outside LMHS MMHS Super yet. The very first combo I used with Magneto was his basic Vanilla flight loop: LMHS jH adf jM xx fly, jL jH adf [jM jH adf] x 3, jMMHS Attraction xx Shockwave. It deals more damage and builds more meter than just LMHS MMHS Super, but it’s pretty subpar compared to his other combos. Once you get this consistently, you can transition to the better combos. Check the combo thread in this subforum and try to play around with the combos there until you find one you particularly like.


The two above post at really helpful, going to be practicing as soon as my stick comes in.