Simple combos!!!

Am I the only one who finds simple combos really annoying?They keep coming out by accident, i mean to input them its either lp+hk or lk+hp but i can do a simple combo without even pressing a button and just moving the analog stick around?is that just me?

Is they’re any way to turn them off completly cos they keep making me waste gauge and i get punished really bad by accidently using them, and they are useless cos the combos they do are really easy to perform anyway.
Im not sure if theyre is something wrong with the inout in this game but when i was playing king i would try to do the big swing and occasionaly the tomahawk would come out even though i was not pressing any kick button, am i missing somethin?

it happens when you click the analog sticks.

you can unbind them in the pause menu.

Yeah all pad players should make sure to change their control scheme so as to not run into that issue. Its a quick fix that will make sure you don’t waste meter and start whiffing a punishable combo while playing footsies.

Lol I’ve been getting so pissed with these quick combos…just edited my button configuration after viewing this thread. Ironically they have accidentally saved some matches for me randomly

I’m glad I figured it out before I went only.

the quick combos are set to your analog sticks(L3 & R3) go to the button configuration menu(controller setup) and switch them to none, unless your like me, who switch L3 to grab.