Simple Controls - 100% Combo w/o X-Factor

I was just screwing around for fun with Simple controls as I’d never actually even tried them before and came up with this. Sorry there’s no video but I thought it was pretty crazy that this was even possible only using Simple Controls. Needless to say this is insanely easy to pull off. No Sentinel either.

I’ll list the actual buttons I pushed for it since the normal annotation doesn’t really apply here!

Zero (shippuga assist)
Spider Man

With Dante on point:

LB (Assist)
X X X A (launches)
X X Y (make sure controller is in neutral state when you push Y for his dive attack)
A (relaunch)
X X X Y (hold forward/backward when you push Y this time for his spinning flame)
Y (neutral state for his OTG ice attack)
B (Hyper Combo)
B (Zero’s Hyper Combo)
B (Spider Man’s Hyper Combo)

I don’t know if this will 100% all characters but it finished off Dr. Doom without a problem.

Anyways - again I apologize for the lack of a video but I just found it so damn funny that you could pull off a reasonably stylish 100% combo like this with the simple controls. Has anybody else tried to see what the possibilities are with them? (not that you should ever use them in a real match of course… so many moves are simply not possible)

Interesting trivia… I guess…

Congratulations it took you 2 weeks to figure out a 100% combo when it took 90% of SRK 2 hours after getting the game.

Ummm - the point isn’t that it’s a 100% combo… I’ve done tons of them with normal controls as has everybody else. The difference here is that it’s with SIMPLE CONTROLS.

Geez, did you even read my post? :stuck_out_tongue: I just thought it was amusing and nothing more.

cool story bro

Here on SRK we like to help our members get better at the game not worse.

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Interesting stuff. It would be cool to see what people can figure out with simple mode. I’m expecting a combo video using only SM in the near future to show it off.

I mean I won’t be ‘one of those guys’ and pretend a metagame can’t arise from SM use, I’m sure a few living rooms are perfectly with it. I just wouldn’t expect that kind of news here of all places.

Random Anecdote:

My 6yo nephew had a game with me and he enjoys SM. He discovered a cute little trick with Chris: While in XF (lvl2, I think) he caught me with Chris’ mine and I flew towards him from impact. He laid another mine on the other side and IT JUGGLED ME BACK TO THE OTHER SIDE. I wondered how many times somebody can get juggled between mines. I didn’t test it out on NM afterward. Probably should have posted this in the Chris thread.

Ive only seen females use simple mode you shouldnt be able to do damage beyond a certain point using it though real talk

Most of the good players here can perform 100% combos with their teams without Simple Mode. Congrats on your research, though.

well as long as you can do 100% combos with it then it’s effective isn’t it? I’m sure it’s still going to limit some of your options though. There’s no way simple mode will be superior to having full control over your character’s moves.

But that does go to show that it may be possible to play at a semi-decent level using simple mode. If you’re that good that you can get away with gimping yourself in exchange for easier execution, then hey, why not?

Well, I knew simple controls were watered down. Nice to know it’s possible to pull off a little bit of the normal control type of combos.

So looking over that combo I noticed that 3 Hypers were used. The way MvC3 is set up any combo incorporating 3 Hypers should kill off most characters. Regardless of Control Scheme.

Looking at the actual notations This looks like a variation on Dante’s B&B Combo.

so in Normal mode

Shippuga Assist, L,M,H,S, sj ,M,M, QCF L(Killer Bee),S,sj, M,M,H,QCF H(Sky Dance),QCF M(Crystal),QCF AA(Million Dollar),DHC Rekkoha,DHC Maximum Spider

Looks like a very nice variation on the B&B with the Crystal attack in there.

Again though 3 Hypers so a 100% isn’t surprising.

For a second there I thought this was some 100% combo without meter or X factor. Either way doesn’t matter, making up combos instead of core game play is what MvC3 is about.

Best I’ve come up with, was using with Doom’s missiles assist to OTG after magic series into another, then launch - special - hyper.

It was a big moment for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

How immature the fighting game community has become.

That’s exactly right DMystic. It really is a variation on his B&B I suppose. It’s pretty fun trying to put together stylish combos when your controls are so limited. Just one more “challenge” mode for me really. :slight_smile: Does it have a point? Not really - but I enjoy these kinds of weird things.

Find me some simplemode-exclusive combos and we’ll have somethin to talk about.

I’ve always hated simple mode, and I have no respect for players who use it. Why should I play against someone who can’t do their own moves?