Simple Elena avatar request?

I have a kinda simple request, I have had my current avatar for 2 years. I would like a new avatar with a close up of Elena using this pic of her. You can crop it right under her boobs. And I’d like her to be more on the left side of the avatar.

I’d like for the back ground to be simple white. With this groove bar in the upper right hand corner of the avatar.

And right under the groove bar my user name k_dog77803 under the bar in a baby blue font that matches the groove bar font. If that is possible.


il do it but why just white? it needs more cowbell.

I got a fever…

best that i can do…

That’s hot. :tup:

Uh…I’m not tryin’ to step on anyone’s toes but I gave it a shot too. Tah-dah! Hahaha! Wuthaheel?

Thanks guys they are both really cool, so I will use both!:rock:

Yo, are my eyes trippin’ or is your AV like…glitchin’ out? (Slowly walks away backwards…) Could be my computer though… Clarification someone?

^ yea it is glitchin



Thats a glitch? I thought that is was suppose to flash like that, LOL.