Simple Mode Warriors unite! (looking for tips and teams)!


Hey there gents,

Am looking for fellow “Simple mode” players who have constructed some rad teams out of Simple Mode characters, or potentially cool combos in Simple Mode (e.g. Tron Drill x3 =) ) Open to having games online too. As easy as that. I run Arthur/Tron/Phoenix but wouldn’t mind hearing what others do. I suspect there might be a lot of people too frightened to post to this topic, but remember that if you do you are courageous!! :wink:


What about switching to normal mode ? Impossible is nothing.


While I agree completely, I actually don’t really see a problem with this thread. It’s part of the game and the inherent limits of simple mode mean that some characters are going to be further limited more than others, changing what teams could be considered viable in a simple-mode metagame if something were to ever exist.


Personal opinion…don’t play simple mode. You will never really learn how to perform combos and time it with precision. You can’t get better playing simple mode. If you are first starting out, its understandable, but rather than playing simple mode, go to the training mode or mission mode and learn the combos.


Marvel is a game designed for stupid people to play stupidly and win.

Why not use simple mode?

Why MvC3 NOT a fighting game

Yeah, that on top of the fact that they don’t have that option in tournaments.

This thread doesn’t seem all that bad, but Idk, it’s just weird. Lol.


simple mode characters, morrigan, ryu for sure. Most people that play them just mash c.l anyways so they might as well be in simple mode.


Try phoenix, shes retard mode


I was gonna say there was something curious about this but, seems like a really fun way to pass the time; making simple mode teams.


Simple Mode-only meta sounds like it would mix things up at first, but I’d imagine it would be really hard to mount an offensive without many of the mobility options that Simple Mode denies you.

It’d probably degenerate into jump back Taskmaster+mash assist very quickly.


Any character with good projectiles. I have a terrible hatred for simple only because of experiences. My friend refuses to use normal because he wins 50% of his games using deadpools guns on low rank players. If there wasn’t an easy way out like this he might actually try to learn the game. But I digress


Pineapple surprise. Enough said


LOL, I figured I’d get some responses about “just play Normal” instead. What’s wrong with Simple? I’m not out to win EVO here dudes.

I do find the Simple Mode meta-game fascinating because of the limits on moveset, some characters being more hampered by it than others (Dante, Sentinel for example).

Ultra, I think Arthur’s projectiles beat out DP’s gun plus provide some air coverage if you’re using axe.

MoFro, were you referring to the Deadpool move or is there some team running out there called Pineapple Surprise? How do you do Pineapple Surprise in Simple Mode?


As a side note, I do find it interesting that tournaments don’t support the use of Simple Mode. If the mechanic is in the game and the characters are as crippled as seems to be the case, what is the problem?


I’ve never seen a tournament actually enforce “no simple mode”. Most people just turn the control selection off in the options because it saves everyone time not having to select normal every single game. If someone wanted to play simple against me in tourney I’d tell them to go ahead; I’m not gonna stop anyone from handicapping themselves against me.


fuck yeah !


I’m gonna let this run it’s course and see how it turns out…


IMO Simple/Normal mode is just a matter of preference. I’ve been using simple mode in local NYC tourneys since the game came out. I don’t think anyone’s noticed yet. Wesker is definitely simple mode top tier; his combos all use the regular ABCS series.

My general strategy with Simple Wesker is to wave-dash in and mash on the attack button. If it hits, I chain into launcher. If not, I cancel into a teleport (special button). Sometimes I even cancel late into the counter super if people think they can punish me. I’ve beaten a lot of top NYC players using this play style.


Because of the discussion, my girlfriend’s team of Thor/Hulk/Amaterasu in simple mode has a beast DHC. I’m playing it in regular mode because of how crazy it gets.


This is awesome!! I’m actually stoked to see that there are other simple mode gurus here. Fantastic.
@Pertho, I’m gonna give that Thor/Hulk/Ameratsu team a try just so I can mix it up and break my white brother in law even further :wink: