Simple Noob Dictator Question

Should I be spending most of my game standing or trying to hold db for combos like c.lp c. lp xx sk?

When I block downback for combos characters like ken will punish hard with overhead attacks, but if i’m standing i can rarely get combos off because i can’t charge quick enough.

So should i forsake the SK combos and spend most game standing?

This isn’t a simple question with a simple answer, lol. I’ll try to answer though.

With Bison, it’s ideal to be moving. They gave him among the best pokes in the game and generous walkspeed so you don’t have to be downbacking your whole life. Also, being at a certain sweet spot distance between you and your opponent will allow you to AA them easily with stand hk. Spacing and footsies is crucial to being successful with Bison. Although there is no denying the importance of having a charge and doing your scissor kick combos, there is a time and place for everything. When you are in close proximity of your opponent, then you start your up close pressure using normals like cr lk, stand lk, cr light punch and sk. Until then, you want to close distance/zone with his stand mk and stand hk pokes.

I suggest you watch some gameplay footage of high level Bison players and continue to play the game. You’ll figure the rest out first hand.

like Daigo said, copy the pros!

Also Dictator’s jump in is so damn floaty so against good players (shotos) your not gonna get too many jump ins…


Thanks to both of you! really helpful. It also makes me feel better that it’s not as simple as i thought =)

I try to always hold a charge. But if I need to let go on that charge, then I need to let go of that charge.