Simple question about A-groove corner enders

This may be an idiotic question, but i’m wondering why people don’t do(from what I can see, i may be wrong) double shoryukens or whatever in the corner. e.g. With ken, you get them over to the corner with say… the easiest of his anti airs… [lp dp, roll] x N. When you’re in the corner, i often see people whiff a short kick off the dp… wouldn’t it make more sense to do a double dragon punch? As in, doing two hits of an lp dragon punch before leaving the ground? Or do people do this? Or is it secretly worthless? I MUST KNOW THE ANSWERS!

Some do it, some don’t.

its easier to do this…

cr. fierce, b,qcb+short, cancel into RH hurricane x3 …repeat, super.

I made that up a while ago.
It does more damage than the usual setups i’ve read or seen.


Well, I dont mean Ken specifically. I’m talking about all corner enders that end are repeated specials. We could say the same for Sagat… wouldnt it be most damage-doing to do a double lp uppercut before leaving the ground, instead of just singulart motions over and over again?

Anyone? It seems like it would imrpove damage, especially if the combo was started in the corner. You’d just have to cancela DP into a DP and then do that over and over again.