Simple question about Xbox360 Fighting Stick EX2

Is it any good? I’m new to sticks, and I need one for an Xbox360, but I don’t wanna get a crap one. I was looking on Amazon (so far the only place I’ve found to buy a stick, since google hates me, and my search function doesn’t work on these forums), and this one popped out at me. Is it any good? I did do some reading, and Hori seemed to get a lot of good comments, but I figured I could ask, and find out a little bit more. So if you all don’t mind giving me your two cents on this stick, or recommend a better one, I’d appreciate it very much.

Btw, this is my first actual post on this forum, but I’ve been reading for a while. Very glad to be a member. ^-^

Im not very sure, but i think the Hori EX2 is the only xbox360 stick, (somebody correct me if im wrong) if you are familiar with japonese stick (square gate and ball top) then buy the Hori. If you like American type of sticks or want a very nice jap stick, try to get one custom made, they can be really expensive, but they worth every penny. go here to the trading Outlet, and Look for FS: Custom Joystick.
or you can go here:
but the list is not complete, there are more new stick makers, so go check it out.

Ok, another question, is there anyway to get a stick made that will work for both systems? Or maybe a converter of some sort? Cause I’m going to buy a HDTV and a PS3 when I sell this computer to my friend (I bought it for 2000, selling to him for 1800, and just gunna build a 1k laptop), so until then I’m playing on my XBox360, and I wanna get a stick for it, but I don’t wanna buy a new one for my PS3 when I get it. Should I wait? Or is it possible to make 1 run on both?

btw, thank you for your quick response, I truly appreciate it. thanks for not flaming me into the ground too :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think there is a joystick that works on both systems, but im sure the Stick builder from Here, are working hard to solve this problem, the only problem is that the stick would be way too expensive. and about the adapter, there is no adapter xbox360 to ps3.
PS: i dont flame people, (use to, but not anymore) and i think helping people is better than flame them.

Well, thank you, I appreciate it. I was looking at Arcade In a Box, but they are expensive and there is less customization. I just don’t know a lot about which parts, and all that jazz. I’ve been doing some reading on Lizarlick, and I think the builder I was going to choose is Jaxel. I like his little customization site, it makes it easier for a newb like me to understand. I wanna build my own, but I have no idea where to start. I dunno the materials I’d need or anything rofl.

I think the hardest thing about this, is I really don’t understand much of it, and it’s so hard to find solid information with a broken search function rofl.

aight if you want to build your own go to this link and check this guy website, it tells you everything you need. good website BTW
and the builder that you mentioned are top joystick maikers, there are more stick makers though, and if you got any question you can PM any of them and they will answer all your questions.

I don’t think that the Hori EX2 or the Hori Fight Stick 3 (ps3) are crap sticks. If you are new to sticks then those 2 sticks will suffice as your first sticks. They are cheap and get the job done. I highly suggest that you start off with those two sticks which will cost you around or less than $100 before deciding to get a custom that can cost $100+.

If you think you want better than the EX2 or HFS3 then you can always

a) Upgrade the buttons and stick. There are guides here on this forum to that for both sticks. I’ve personally upgraded the HFS3 stick and buttons and love the thing.

b) Buy another bettter stick. This could either be the new x360 stick that will be coming out around july 18th or the new Hori Real Arcade Pros for the PS3. Or then go for a custom.

It is possible for custom stick makers to do a ps3/x360 stick, but it will be expensive. To my knowledge, there isn’t a lot of universal ground PS3 PCBs around now.

For something that fits that bill, one of the best options I can think of is getting a PS3 HRAP3, modding the buttons to Sanwa, and installing a X360 PCB for cross system compatibility. The whole deal would probably cost you around $160 before shipping and modding costs (if you had to pay a modder).