Simple Question..hopefully

How do I take Snapshots with Mame?

I tried just using the PrintScreen Button, but it doesnt seem to work.

And im using Mame32.

Also I was curious if there was a way to take snaps shots from DIVx or WMP.

Thanks to anyone who can help :slight_smile:


MAMEs a whore, try using win kawaks if you can, but I have taken shots with MAME by using printscreen and theres also a shots button like one of the function keys I believe, it will save small screens to your shots folder in your mame directory.

F12 will save to your snaps folder in mame.

For DIVx and WMP check out PowerDVD, it will let you step frame and take screenshots.

hMM… Thanks for the info.

The PrintScreen doesnt seem to work for me. But i Did get a hold of the Snaps Function. Too bad its such a small pic though. Anyway to make it bigger?

Thanks for the PowerDVD info… im looking into that now.


Ok i see the problem i was having with the PrntScreen…Im on m new laptop…and i didnt know i had to hold down this function key…bleh.

Thanks TG! :smiley:

Nope, but try pausing your MAME then do the printscreen and take it into photoshop, duplicate it set the top one to screen. It will be just like if it was taken without pausing. Does your print screen work at all? do you get your taskbar in the capture? Will it capture your desktop?