Simple question on Roll Canceled Taunts


bah n00b question :frowning: how the hell do i do them? i cant seem to find it anywhere


You do them quite easily… probably the easiest RC’s because there is no motion for a taunt. Just hit Jab+Short and taunt at about the same time… you hit taunt like a millisecond after the roll.

If you’re playing on a DC, just do Jab+Short and hold them both down (really you only need to hold down short, but if you just hold them both down you do less thinking), then press start… since you need to do short+start for a taunt, it’ll come out then. After that, its basically practice.


And how do you rollcancel blanka’s electricity or honda 100 hand slap?(im assuming that u can rollcalcel them)


for style, this is a great tech to do. but remember u give meter when u taunt.


how long does the invincibility last for a rc’ed move?
does it last for eg… if ur character has a 24 frame roll and u have a 34 frame move…does the rc last only for the 24 frames or the whole 34 framesof the rc’ed move?


thanks for the quick answers

btw to those who asked, for RC electricity it’s


and you only get the invincibility frames of the roll


only 27 frames. its 27.