Simple Question

Hello, I’m very new to the fighter scene only fighter I ever bought was Primal Rage for the SNES. I just bought SS4 for my 360 and happened to get the last fight stick in the Houston area! I just had a few questions.

  1. Which setting is best for the stick to be on? Left stick or D-pad?

  2. Is memory training good? Such as doing a move repeatedly to get muscle memory?

Get ready for hundreds of hours of it.

Lol ill take that as a yes! Also is playing online good or bad? I saw someone on this forums that said stay away.

  1. I just use D-Pad just in case because all pad players use D-Pad, but I honestly notice no difference between the two.

  2. Yes, and you’re going to be doing a hell of a lot of it. Not necessarily to learn to do specials/supers/ultras (although you’ll spend a good few dozen hours on that alone before you’re at a level where you can do it anywhere near 100% of the time), but for learning combos in ANY FG. In SSF4 things like 1 frame links will take you so long practicing muscle memory that you’ll want to throw your stick. Repeatedly. Until it’s a broken up pile of plastic and electronics.

As far as playing online goes, with stuff like 1 frame links where timing is so strict, you will not be hitting very many combos online. You can learn the basics like zoning, matchups and the like online just fine, but when it comes to playing at a higher level, i.e. reacting to your opponents moves properly where you have a very small time frame to do so and knowing what combo/move to use in said situation and BEING ABLE TO DO SO WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT IT, well that takes a whole lot of time offline playing with other people.

When I say online is alright, I strictly mean playing against people who you know are good and training with the same group of people. Playing ranked matches is BAD, you only encounter scrubs who just rushdown or turtle and throw out random specials. Most player matches are similar to this as well.

Thank you for your response. Also is online ok? or should i stay away

I don’t think the stick setting matters much, but I’m paranoid that ‘analogness’ might screw something up, so I keep it set on D-pad.

Playing online is fine! It’s the easiest way to get a ton of competition with many different playstyles. That said, you’ll encounter some laggy matches and hate mail here and there. Just be aware that some tactics that might work online aren’t as viable offline – lag reduces the amount of time you have to react.

Nothing quite compares to the real deal, though, so grab some friends or find some local comp if you can. :tup:

thx i will do =]

Thanks for the advice guys. will definitely remember

@#2, yes practice makes perfect!