Simple Request


Can someone please just resize these to fit SRK dimension standards.
Please & Thank You.


…and this one if its not too much trouble.


Please. Anybody?


Lazy bums.:lol:


yes we are lazy here


:smiley: Thanx Pete. If I knew you could work PS, I would’ve asked you awhile ago. 'preciate it.

Allen, on that other pic, can u write ‘OSAN’ in there in WHITE lettering? Thanx u goofy asian bastard lol.


The other pic looks like ass when you make it to SRK size, Just keep it the way it is


Ummm i dont understand this request much…

oh right…

My Mega Man > Brian’s Mega Man


Actually I have the same request.
Can someone just adjust this pic to SRK size standards?

Only have MSpaint so I just needed that one set to 64 highth or whatever, anyway thanks.


Por favor?


It looks pretty bad sorry but I only got 10 mins in between classes.


I only need the pic really. Sorry.

Thanks anyway.:smiley:


Oh ok, I’ll do it when I get home give it an hour or so


Here you go.




Damn man, thanx. Shit came out nice. 'preciate it :smiley: