Simple yet effective character? SSF4AE

well i’m trying to get into the game one last time. after taking a like two years to really understand fundamentals learning on my own i want to take a different approach in finding a character that suits me. which is why i need some input because there’s 40 characters it’s hard to learn them all in and out on a highly competitive level honestly, i’m sure some will agree with me. i wanted to just list them all and delete them elimination style. maybe this list will also prove helpful to others in my situation or seeking character help. correct me if i’m wrong on any of my categorization this is just my personal insight, it’s not like tokido or mike ross comes to my house every day. I’m looking for a character that:
doesn’t require 1 frame links in their BnB’s (sakura, juri, viper, abel, gen, ibuki)
doesn’t require character specific knowledge for more than half the cast (akuma, dhalsim)
doesn’t get easily zoned out (zangief)
doesn’t auto lose to dhalsim (dudley)
isn’t a charge characters (chun, boxer, guile, honda, dictator, vega, dee jay, blanka)
isn’t centered around footsies (adon)
doesn’t have a glass jaws (elf, seth)
does have a way to deal with zoning characters
does have a way to deal with rush down characters
has average to superior damage output
is a very strong zoning character or very strong rush down character(not both one or the other)
]Evil Ryu
[]Fei Long
]T. Hawk

I’ve known some people who got banned simply for posting something, just click on this link for character specific forums.Though if it’s not too much trolling, I’ll just say it’s better to know a character’s weakness, strength and overall general game play to truly understand what they are capable of. Good luck on finding a good one. Keep in mind some characters are better at punishing certain things then others though most people just look for the character that can trap better than others. The whole shoto game play and using a charge move game play is another thing to know about.

Man whatever happened to just picking someone you like the feel of and saying Fuck it, I’m gonna learn this character…?

Funny story,

People like winning. I don’t play character favorites either seeing how many times I swapped mains. It’s kinda like this, who would you vote for if these are your choices in a roster?

Though probably breaking the limit with 2 post in one thread but what the heck.

If after 2 years you still can’t decide on a main…perhaps it’s not the best game for you to play competitively.

Either Zangief or T. Hawk may be up your alley. They have issues with getting zoned out, but T. Hawk’s dive can punish fireballs and EX Spire can pass through them. Gief’s lariat can avoid fireballs and EX Green Hand can go through. I personally feel as if T. Hawk’s footsies game is vital to success, but its less of a hit-confirming type of footsies and more of a POKEPOKEPOKEPOKEPOKE, etc type.

I also know you said no to charge characters, but Chun-Li may be a good fit. You’ll rarely use Spinning Bird Kick (down charge) and once you learn to use the fireball, there’s not much of an issue. Unlike some charge characters, she can perfectly hold her own while she isn’t charging.

thank you sharingan that actually helps me out a lot! i know people get banned but i’ve been on and off srk and I figured putting my post out there like this would give me the best results which it did. what i wrote for the other half of the cast was from my experience playing as them since i started. it’s hard for me to sort out the jumbled info on forums. like what you’ve said next to the character names here i’d have to either play as the character to learn for myself in the long run.

sf-zero because sakura doesn’t exactly win tournaments, neither does juri and i have a problem with constantly and consistantly using one frame links. i hate when i drop combos that i’ve been practicing and have down pact. missing that one frame would have me throwing games away, but that’s my own fault. i’d rather learn someone that fits the way i play the game, that’s why i made this post.

geese it wasn’t two straight years of learning and training. i played vanilla learned chun went to tournaments after 6 months and got blown up so i stopped playing, had no one to get better with near me. then super came out, i started again and had a small community to grow with but i had other responsibilities come up so i stopped. now i’m trying to start again. referring to SF as a language, it’s not easy for every single foreigner to learn english in a day, some people need two years. yes, i could just play something else but I don’t know anyone personally that plays wwe allstars competitively. they play street fighter.

Private eyball i was really leaning toward chun since i kinda have history with her honestly, i think with my new found knowledge of fundamentals it can be a good thing i just wanted to see what else i can get into. t. hawk is also up there in consideration, my friends also play hawk so they should be able to help me out. he has my attention since i hear zangief is a character that’s not really combo heavy compared to the rest of the cast but he lacks mobility. hawk is gief but now with mobility which is awesome.

thank you all for you input, sincerely.

thats why I made dictator my main since SF2 CE and never looked back, altough i agree charge characters tend to suck

So in other words… You want a character that will get you free wins?
On the premise that you’re actually ON SRK MAKING THIS THREAD… You wont be winning any major tournaments at any time soon no matter who you pick.

Says a dude with a Dictator avatar…
Because, you know… Dictator, Blanka, Honda, Chun, Guile… They’ve never been top tier in anything.

in fact, I can name a A or S-Tier charge character in every major Capcom Fighter EXCEPT the vs. series (and of course games that don’t have any)

Not limited to…
SF2: Guile
CE: Dictator
HF: Blanka
ST: Boxer and Claw, Dictator and Chun to a degree
HE: CE Dictator, ST Boxer, ST Claw
CvS2: Boxer, Dictator, Blanka, Claw
SF4: Blanka
SSF4: Guile
AE: Tiers aren’t in stone yet
A: Charlie
A2: Chun, Charlie
A3: Maybe the only exception? Gen, sorta…
3S: Urien

Just remember, everything Super taught us was “lol tiers”. While AE is considered to be less balanced, I’d say that everything we’ve seen so far tells us that any character can still win a tourney. If you like Sakura and Juri, go with them I feel like Juri should be a very successful character, she has the tools for it. But maybe that’s just me.


It’s really just you. She struggles so hard against some match-ups in the most fundamental ways (i.e, Juri can’t anti-air the twins well) that it’s really hard being consistent with her.

To be honest, there’s no correct answer for this question. Simple and effective are two very subjective terms that differ between players.

The best advice I can offer to you is to sample each character on the roster, both in training mode and multiplayer. Attempt every trial, regularly spectate streams and just keep playing. Eventually, you will discover a character that is perfect for you.

dont get me wrong, dictator’s my all time fav char, i’ve just always wondered if he could have been more powerful had he not been a charge character… thats all i’m saying

and yes quite a few charge characters have been top tiers in various SF, but they could’ve been even more poweful without the charge drawback, thats all i meant

thats a pretty poor way of dealing with a loss. if there was certain things that kept catching you out, hit training mode and replicate them. i dont think theres many people out there that can come into a fighting game and start winning tournies after 6 months. shit i played SF for over 10 years on and off, and was completely not prepared for what hit me the first time i played against someone who knew what they were doing after being used to playing the CPU for such a long time. maybe this isnt the game for you if you just want to play a character who is just better in every respect than all the other characters in the game. or you could play Yun…

i respect that evilweevle. there was a lot of reasons that it happened that way. i spent a lot of time with it i expected some type of result. i was just not getting it at all. i didn’t understand anything and it’s not like i had anyone to show me what the words on srk actually meant. i learn a lot differently from most people. cuz ok a hundred people say well just play who you like ok. i really like sakura fav capcom character ever. it’s not fun playing and learning the game when you’re using sak against sagat through the majority of vanilla. sure there are other characters but i never understood why i should do 10x more work than x character and we’re accomplishing the same goal. thats just me. vanilla was the first fighter i took seriously and it was hard in the beginning like most. maybe i quit or maybe i felt that it wasnt the game for me or maybe i knew that i wasnt good enough and i needed to go and gather myself. whatever it was i stopped. i dont like to waste time. if im doing something every day for six months and still can’t be effective let a lone win a round then i’m not gonna keep doing it unless i find some way i can better myself or make it simpler for myself. yes, considering yun even before i made the post but i wanted to do this post to gather information. i might wake up tomorrow and be an abel prodigy, we don’t know that. instead of just seeing equations in the threads for lack of better terms i was just seeking an explaination of said equations.

dexter i see it will just take more time i’ve played half the roster before and no one really stands out for me.

private and dust i agree private using characters i just personally like would improve the fun side, but like dust was saying about juri vs twins it’s like that. it’s hard to do anything consistently against better equipped characters with them imo.

yes scogz i guess so cuz you know why the hell run the whole race when you can take a short cut? when i do win a major i’d like to thank you personally for being the first hater to fuel me to do so. you don’t know anything about me but what i wrote here. if i’m just some srk scrub and you’re so fuckin elite then ignore me like 80% of the board will.

thanks again for the thoughts.

You need to pick a main before even start believing you’ll win majors…good luck with that.

The fuck is this? Some scrubquotes material.

ya man i always feel like how much more powerful would zangief be if his 360s were 1-button. i mean hes been top in a couple of games but i wonder if he’d be stronger if he had none of the drawbacks that comes with the character archetype’s design

gee iunno

Able to absorb projectiles
Throw projectiles
Decent anti air
Ultra that follows you
Long reaching forward command attack
Long reaching sweep
Safe on block high priority dash attack that breaks through focus

No uppercut or anti crouch but if your good enough you won’t need one. Though grabs for some reason tend to require mashing grabs at the same time, can’t really press it on reaction. Sometimes I might accidentally press a kick or something instead of grab and the other person gets me. It was so bad in SF4 that going for a grab or an uppercut was considered a mind game. Though I do use focus attack and pokes a lot more then pretty much anyone else I know of. Overall a very strong keep away game. Defense is better than offense and both of them should be beastly. But Rose doesn’t have that much offense due to being a floaty jumper and no anti crouch.

The things that would help a new comer the most are:
Projectiles, not really fist crossing but what the heck.
Command grabs, unavoidable, creates pressure which other wise wouldn’t exist
Sliding sweep, easier to catch moving opponents
Safe high priority chip damaging moves, anything from say scissor kicks to E. Honda’s head but it’s just really easy to spam.

geese i was making a point, i never said “oh i’m gonna wake up tomorrow and win evo!” and i f i didn’t have belief in myself why would i bother being competitive? but nevermind, whatever.

Two Up rose looks good. i think playing a defensive character like her might benefit me in the long run. i like that she can make pressure with her strings too that’s cool.