Simplest Fighting Game?


Hey, I’ve been lurking on the forums for awhile, putting in contributions here and there when trying games, but honestly I still feel very new to the whole genre.

I pretty much have been trying to get/play all the recent fighting games with varied enjoyment/success. I’ve liked SSF4 the most and MvC has probably made me the most salty. It’s seemed to me that the more simple a game is, the more I enjoy it. When I look at SF I think mostly just in terms of EX meter usage, and FADC for the mechanics. With MvC there’s otgs, wall bounces, team building/assists, levels of x-factor, etc. It all kind of felt like too much, like I couldn’t really focus on tactics/strategy because I was trying to figure out combos and how everything still worked.

Now I know that’s more my fault and I probably could just give it more time, but I’d rather just focus on maybe the “slower paced” games.


What fighting games at their core have the least mechanics or special abilities? Since KOFXIII just came out I’ve been looking into that, but having never played KOF before I don’t want to shell out the money for it to end up being too complex/too much to take in. Or I know Skullgirls and SCV are coming out soon but I don’t know anything about those so if they are up my alley.

I play on xbox360. Please don’t suggest wrestling games, brawl, or whatever. I really would like input.

If there’s a way to think of the mechanics in these games another way so I don’t always feel overwhelmed/ frustrated about what’s on screen, I’d gladly take that advice too.


DBZ:UT. Really really really easy fighting game if you’re into that…
Came up with a pretty much inescapable 100% with any of the best characters the first day I got it. I was like 100 and 5 in ranked till I quit playing it.


Can’t get much simpler than Street Fighter 2, any of its iterations are pretty simple to get into. Although if you want a more current version to play on, I guess try out HD Remix.


If you want simpler games than what is mainstream you’ll have a difficult time finding competition.

I’d personally say Karnovs Revenge is the simplest I know of, but whether its that game or DBZUT, you won’t find much of a tournament scene for those games, or competitive scene at all.

Also SSF4AE is not particularly very fast. It’s pretty slow compared to most fighting games.


The SFIV series is a really good place to start, and it’s been the first competitive fighting game for a lot of players. It sounds like what you are looking for because the pace is pretty slow, and while you can play on a basic level, there is also room to grow into something more advanced. My advice would be to put down Marvel for a couple weeks, dedicate yourself to SFIV, and see where you end up. SFIV is the best mix of a game that is simple to play, hard to master, and a strong competitive scene; stick with it :).


In my opinion, Tekken is easy to play combo-wise. It also introduced me to fighting games. Tekken’s combos require some kind of sense of rhythm (well, for me when Im playing as Raven) while Street Fighter’s comboing tends to get unforgiving.

I’m not the greatest guy on introducing a simple fighter, but think about it.


This may sound bizarre, considering it’s reputation, but have you considered Virtua Fighter? I honestly think it’s one of the more intuitive and easy to pick up fighters out there (mastering it is a completely different story obviously). It only has three buttons (Punch, Kick, Guard), there’s no meter to manage and the combo system just seems to make more sense (basically if you’re attack will make contact with the opponent, it’ll connect. No need to worry about OTG properties, Juggle properties etc).

With Final Showdown coming out next year it might be worth a shot and seeing what you think at least.


Soul series (aka Soulcalibur) is a delicious series to have your start. The games are pretty simple to grasp (mechanics and all), while having a good amount of depth regarding gameplay and characters.

Soulcalibur V is right into the corner, too - with the game itself being both acessible and refined over some points from the earlier installments. Do give it a try.


Double Dragon V


Naruto Ultimate Ninja.


Avatar Fighter Online:


Only costs $1!!!


I guess it would depend on your direction? Are you looking to get into competitive play? Online play?

I would say simple-wise, the DOA series is a good place to start. While it’s a button masher’s dream, there’s also a lot of depth to be hand should you be interested… and since most of the game is based off the “rock-paper-scissors” idea, things like “frame count” and “hitbox” aren’t as important as learning the way your opponent “thinks” as fast as possible. Do they use a combo over and over, learn the rhythm and counter it. Are they counter heavy? Learn to feint then throw… etc.

I would also agree that the Soul Calibur series is a good place to start.

That being said, if you’re looking to be in the “deepest part of the pool” then Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Ultimate Marvel Vs. CAPCOM 3, and to a lesser extent King of Fighters XIII, Tekken 6 and Street Fighter II: HD Remix are what you want to start investing your time in.



I enjoy playing online with other people, and I like the competitive scene. But honestly I doubt I’ll ever be in a situation where I’d be able to play offline in a real competitive setting. So I guess it’s a bit of a mixed bag. I’m the only one in my group of friends that plays fighting games so it’s usually just online for me.

By lesser extent do you mean those games are harder to learn or that they’re not as represented / not as much in the “deep part of the pool?”

Thanks for the input so far.


I mean that their online userbase and tournament focus is lesser. I’d really give DOA4 a try if you have a 360, if for nothing else to get ready for DOA5. The Dead or Alive series and Soul Calibur series are very fun and simple to learn (due to the less number of buttons) but are VERY deep if you want to go down that road. A top-tier Hayate/Hayabusa player in Dead or Alive 4 is a thing of beauty to watch, but even a mid-tier player with a good head on their shoulders can make the match close; the separation is less from what I’ve experienced, which leads to more fun for the “masses.” Counter to this would be a SF4/Tekken where the top tier players eat mid-tier players alive in most instances, and can be discouraging.


Only one button!!


NES double dragon vs mode


OP you are a great example of how new users on SRK shoukld behave! Never seen such polite and reasonable posting!


A tie between Street Fighter 2 Vanilla and Mortal Kombat 1


I think MvC 3 has to be one of the simplest games. hands down.

And there is a lot more to SSF4 than just EX meter usage, and FADC.


I know, but I feel like when I play SSF4 I have a much better understanding of what’s going on in the game and like I have more control. When I’ve tried MvC3, assist otgs, xfactor, and other things usually just make me rage/be salty. And when it comes down to it, I’d rather have fun playing these games winning/losing than spend the time being super competitive. I mean, it’s probably partly my fault because I mained Hulk so matches just turned into waiting to mash H,S against other rushdown characters or getting blasted to death by projectiles because I suck at super jumping out of the way.

Plus, SSF4 forums are much more in depth on character tutorials and how to’s. So when I try to play it, I know what AAs I should be using, general strategy, match-ups, etc. And the people online are usually pretty nice and helpful. They’re willing to train and give feedback. I never get salty messages. MvC on the other hand I get hatemail, teabagged, spam tactics. And on forums and youtube and such it’s usually just BnBs that are so overly complicated it doesn’t help. Sure it’s great to do 900k damage, but I’d rather know how to zone properly. You know?

I in no way want to demean the SRK MvC forums or sound like I’m just whining about the game. Like I’ve said, I know if I just practiced (like the super jumping) I’d be able to hold my own. But as it is, I end up raging too much instead of feeling like I’m actually enjoying myself.

Now, with all that said, I think I’m leaning toward KOFXIII, DOA4, or waiting for SCV. Assuming I could only focus on one, which would be best judging by community, gameplay, online, learning curve, etc?