Simplicity by design a doorway to something more

Alot of people will tear this apart but I thought it was a topic that should be addressed. The simple control scheme in the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 series gets dismissed as a newb and masher tool only used by people unskilled in fighting games. I say that players should not pass judgement so fast.

What are you talking about, Wesker’s teleport is already one button lololol

That aside, sure some things may be easier to do in simple mode, but it’s not as if they’re hard to do in the first place. You’d also be severely limiting yourself and your options, which seems like it would be one of the worst possible things you could do in this game.

lmao OK I just tried simple mode for the hell of it…
Wesker cannot shoot his gun. The only specials available to you are his counter and the running dash. You can only teleport in the air, and in one direction. Your only super is Maximum Wesker. His combos are actually harder to do, because you only get 1 attack button, and doing that in the air will give you light attacks, which means you really have to delay your shit, and you get no damage for your efforts. Oh, and did I mention you can’t use his gunshot? So no OTG

Vergil cannot teleport, you can only do Rapid Slash, Judgement Cut and Round Trip. But you only have one button, so how the hell are you going to charge it? You only get Maximum Vergil; no devil trigger, no sword summons, nothing.

Simple mode is fucking useless lol, sorry

“lolwtf special moves is hard to do! Buffering? What do shiny floors have to do with any of this?”

I think you miss the point here I’m not saying that simple is better I am saying that it is possible to use it with out spamming/mashing/etc., This is not to say that it’s not worth while to learn the real controls but if you sleep on someone that has figured out how to use simple controls effectively then you may end up in trouble.

‘Effective’ with simple mode is anything but. I really don’t see how a character with only a couple of their moves available and unable to do more than like 500k in a combo can be any sort of threat. You can’t even hitconfirm in simple mode, you’ll just chain through the whole series and be left at minus whatever that character’s H or S is. As for sleeping on them, how would I even know they’re using simple mode anyway?
I can see what you’re trying to say, but IMO it’s not really an issue, nor will it ever be.

You are handicapping yourself for using Simple Mode by a great margin. This game aint even rocket science in Combo Department, and you can derp your way in zoning via QCF moves. If that is still not enough for beginners, they created Wesker, whom does good damage via simple combos (ABCS BBCS OTG -> anything), have one button press Gun Shot which is connected to a one button multi-directional teleport which allows you to have instant braid dead mix up. It is all “One Button” Stuff.

Wesker is the Whole package for all your Simple Mode needs (as in he is simple and effective), without limiting your tools, can contribute to any team in any position, good versus anyone and, although slowly, but surely he will also allow you to improve in the (very) long run.

Also your example is not very identical with the situation by comparing the Simple Mode and Normal Mode. The “Master of Rock” only have one single “Rock Punch” Combination combo, 3 methods of tossing the rock, and only one option to throw one giant Rock. You will be extremely predictable, extremely limited, allows no chance of improving execution or the metagame, promotes “JUST DO IT” mentality (although encouraged already) against anyone which eventually disregards match up strategy. You will be in a complete cycle of being handicapped, for the sake of doing moves the easy way when they are already extremely easy.

The game is not hard, and it is already encouraged to mash it out and JUST DO IT (against some characters using some characters, to avoid contradicting myself). Like said earlier, Wesker is the real “Simple Mode”, and quite nicely done too.

Simple mode is like trying to play with broken fingers.
With it, you cant handle a tenth of the situation the game can put you in, you got no good blockstring exept for the select few characters that got safe S and you cant hit confirm for you life.

Wesker’s teleports are already easy as hell to “rapid fire.” There is a ton of ending lag. Anyone who can reliably do dragon punches should be able to teleport on the first few frame after the end of a teleport. Hell, I like doing it to practice my DPs for other characters (And to listen to Wesker’s VA say “over here” “try facing me” “do I frighten you” again and again).

This right here is the problem: Simple mode has nothing over Normal mode with decent dexterity. Hell, the only reason I’d ever play Simple mode was if I wanted to handicap myself.

Why bother when you can just practice the actual inputs and play with access to more special moves, different strengths of special moves, and the ability to use any normal you want when you want to?

It doesn’t matter that you can play Simple without mashing. No one in their right mind should pick it unless they’re really, really new to fighting games.