Simpliest Arcade Stick Question that isn't in the stickies


Now, I assume this is common knowledge so I’ll get crucified and trolled and I ran through all the stickies and tried the search for this issue (only found HRAP3 compatibility for PS2 games/PC ect topics), so here it is.

I want to import the HRAP3 (White) Stick.

The reviewers every where don’t even bother mentioning that things on Play Asia are normally listed as region locked or region free, but obviously Play Asia doesn’t say anything for sticks and controllers.

Can I use this blatantly listed JPN stick on my American PS3?


Yes, no controller ever has had region locking because the only region protection is on games and even then it’s probably only due to licensing issues.


Yeah, there are no region locked peripherals to date.


I see.

Thanks a lot for this. I assumed so since it is USB and all, but of course without evidence or anything (other than everyone has had HRAP3s before they even brought them to NA - everyone can’t all have Japanese PS3s…) made me wonder. Especially when the searches failed me.

Thanks again.


The official Japanese Sega Dreamcast Light Guns were region locked out by the US version of House of the Dead. The only way to play with the Sega brand guns on a US console was to play using the Japanese version of House of the Dead.


That’s not a regional lockout, the US software release didn’t have the peripheral support is all.

Much like the few games that had PS2 40GB HDD support, few of the US releases of the same game had support for the peripheral.


Does that stick have Sanwa buttons? Or is just a normal HRAP 3 with Sanwa stick and crappy Hori buttons?


Oh shit, I just went to checkout that item and cheapest shipping is like $70!!


shipping can be a bitch


guys if u preorder the HRAP 3 from you’ll only pay about $28 for US shipping and coming from California. I went to checkout and it was $128 with shipping, cheaper and quicker than play asia…