Simplified Clap -> Walk -> Gigas!




I found this method while messing in training mode. I figured that the system does not need a 540 in order to do a Gigas, but 2 270s. I thought: “Well, maybe if I do a 270 in one direction, and then the other in reverse…”, and surprise, it works! So it makes a lot of tricks like the one in the thread title a lot easier to do. Try this:

Giant Palm Bomber, any strength (Buffer the first 270 from up to back to down to towards somewhat late, my point of reference is when the clap actually hits, so that you get to down or down-towards just as the clap ends), then when you end at towards, hold towards for a bit for the walk, then do the other 270 from towards to down to back to up, then punch. Not hard to do, but I haven’t thought other uses for this. The argument behind this being an easier way is that you only press up at the beginning and at the end of the sequence for Gigas, instead of mid-way, which may cause undesired jumps, so basically, it can be used with anything -> walk -> Gigas. Hope this helps all of the other Hugo players around here!


Isn’t this just a partitioned gigas? Pretty sure most people weren’t actually doing tachi gigas for walking ones, lol.


Yes, I’m just partitioning the first 270 in a reverse motion, so I don’t have to get near “up” and get a jump for mistake. It’s just an easier, safer way to do it, but it might have some other applications.


Another set up that I try to do is partition off of lk instead of the clap. I haven’t gotten it to really work yet, though.


Try my method: to the LK, and inmediately start from up to back to down to towards, hold towards for the walk, and then do the other 270 in reverse (from towards to down to back to up) for the Gigas.


congratulations? but this is seriously old news.


Seriously? I haven’t seen this particular way of buffering (doing a crescent moon instead of one and a half circles) being documented elsewhere.


it’s usually called “buffering” and however you buffer, a buffered gigas is a buffered gigas and is seriously old news. It’s existed since the days of the original zangief.

doing 1 and a half circles is the technique for tachi gigas (standing gigas with no buffer). Your method is simply a variation of a well known technique.

For instance when I implement buffered gigas I use full 360s. Why? just cause it’s comfortable for me like that. I go from forward then 360 back to forward walk forward a step then stand 360 = gigas.

same shit.


I know that buffering is old, but doing it the way you do may cause undesired jumps, especially when buffering during quick moves, like LK (If you’re not quick enough, you should be at up or up/towards when the move finishes, which results, of course, in a jump). I consider the method that I describe here an important variation, as it helps avoiding that, by not being at any positions containing ‘up’ when your current move finishes. Or maybe I wasn’t clear on my explanation, that a GB can be done without ever passing by the up-towards direction. I’d like to hear opinions from other people, though. Basically, the final result is nothing new at all (Walk -> Gigas), but the way to get it it’s easier (A LOT easier) than the classic “Buffer whole 360, starting from towards-down-back-up-towards, hold towards, then half circle back”.


It’s not really hard to buffer a 360. The hard part about buffering 360’s is that they fuck with your parry timings and footsies and your solution doesn’t really help. I mean I guess I could try it, but I find it really hard to committing a 360 buffer motion.

The thing is that you can’t buffer any part of the 720 before a parry. You can’t even buffer a 360 before the parry you HAVE to parry first before the motion.

The point is that when you want to buffer a 720 you can’t parry since the forward motion will be input when nothing can be parried (your own move recovery). I’d much rather just parry something confident 720. I can’t option select that shit, which is a lot of hugo’s game. Parrying then doing something else. You can never parry then buffer a 360 because a parry attempt will force a jump. Shit like parry -> s.LK parry c.LK parry c.MK parry clap parry jab etc. doesn’t require you to react, you can basically just do it and react to the position afterwards.

Hugo needs hella reaction time to parry and then decide before his next reaction. I can’t do safe parry option react into 720, I don’t think anyone can. You’re 100% or it’s not happening.

so back to your point finding an easier way to do 720 buffers is kinda irrelevant, it only helps if you’re making execution errors trying to do it some other way, but doesn’t really let you do anything different, since anytime you attempt to 720 you have to be 100% anyway. That’s why tachi gigas is so good it’s cause it means you can implement a 720 reactively. walking walking stutter step oh? react and 720. That’s dirty. Turning a relatively easy buffer into a marginally easier buffer isn’t really all that useful.

So yeah, if you have truoble doing normal buffers by all means try and make it easier on yourself, but for me the hard part is applying them, not executing them.


I can :confused: It’s just a muscle memory thing after a while.


yeah it’s only a matter of time i guess. I try my best to watch parry attempts and then dp+K/360+lp/block/jump/techit/button/clap react (as in parry and then have a plan to use some of those options based on the situation and outcome.

but fuck man when I parry I’m thinking about so many things i should be doing. the 360 comes easier, so it’s only a matter of time before parry 720 happens. But my execution is poor and my reaction time slow.


Yeah… I can’t tachi Gigas for anything… If it means anything, I use a modded T5 stick, so I dunno if there’s any particular way I have to move the stick.

Although, I can partition and buffer Hugo’s Gigas about 90% of the time I think? So yeah, this particular method gives me another option, so thx.

There is one thing though that I forgot to practice when I had the game on and I didn’t think of it til now. I’d assume I would’ve seen it posted already somewhere, but I’ll go ahead and ask anyways.

If you can partition the 270 in reverse, couldn’t you do a hcf, walk, then quick 360 + p and get Gigas? That’d almost be…too easy, so I’m guessing it’s not possible…


Good question!

Kane, thanks for the tip, Im gonna try it


Just wanted to say, this became the easier method for me to input Gigas :slight_smile: Thanks Kane