Simpsons Arcade Game HD XBLA/PSN!

Oh look! It’s Konami’s Simpsons Arcade Game HD, coming to XBLA Friday February 3rd and PSN next week. No price listed there, but it’s going to be 800 MS Points or $10 on PSN. Version is being handled by BackBone entertainment, and will have 4 player Co-Op Online, new modes, the Japanese version of the game as an unlock…

Who hyped?

EDIT: Hochievements/Trophies:

EDIT:A bit of info on playmodes from Konami’s page, see bottom

Looks like there’ll be some challenges aside from just playing the game.

This is good news.

In the down town area of the city I live in, some bars have only 1 Arcade machine, and it’s The Simpsons Arcade game.
Even till this day, the owners will not give up that machine due to the great income it provides.

Good to see it’s hitting home consoles, chances are I’ll purchase it.


fucking FINALLY. This took waaaaaay too long.

Is the Co-Op online?

Yes, edited OP forgot to say it was online


While this is incredible, I know I won’t enjoy it that much after the first couple play throughs. Having unlimited quarters really cheapens the whole experience, at least that’s how I felt with the X-Men arcade game.

I think the “quarters” mode has limited continues. Like hard mode.

if there is unlimited quarters and it can’t be turned off I’ll probably skip on this. I couldn’t even enjoy x-men because of it.

I should read more. Insta-buy.

I think that is such a goofy hang up. So just limit yourself to a certain amount of continues. It’s not that hard, stop being weak willed!

I’m in.

Fucking fools up with Homer again will be fun.

There’s a quarters mode…?

Added the achievements/trophies to OP, so if you’re worried about a challenge, take a look

Don’t get it. You’ll think it’s awesome for all of like a couple hours. The same applies to just about any side scrolling beat 'em up.

But I’ll say this: this game will be better than that Scott Pilgrim game. Fun fact: the powdery residue when I use a foot file on my crusty heel is better than that Scott Pilgrim game.


I really liked Scott Pilgrim aside form the lack of Online Co-op.

Scott Pilgrim was great.

Hell yeah