Sim's HF Teleport

Dhalsim’s Yoga Teleport in HF is the hardest move for me to perform. On ZSNES (SNES emulator) I used the key combination editor and found a way to teleport by hitting roundhouse just before hitting forward + short. Sim would start a standing roundhouse but interrupt it with the Yoga Teleport. This technique provides a little leeway since I don’t have to press ALL the buttons at the exact same time, but it’s still difficult to do on an actual SNES controller. Has anyone found an easier way to do this move?

eh iirc, on the snes version, capcom made it easier to do 3button moves by only requiring 2 buttons. all i can say is dont try using macros as such as you just said online cuz that is considered cheating

The SNES version of HF still requires that you press all punch or kick buttons simultaneously. But in SSF2, yeah, Sim’s teleport can be done with only 2 buttons. And I’m not actually playing anyone online; I was just trying to figure out an easier way to do it with a controller.

i could swear you can do sims teleport with 2 buttons, cuz you can do other 3button attacks with 2 like giefs lariat and such. i could be wrong, its been a while. but i know they added that shit in cuz of how difficul it is to press a shoulder button and 2 face buttons simultaneously. maybe i should mess around with it

Teleport was just harder to do in HF. In SSF2 and beyond it was much easier; although the motion was the same (DP/RDP+PPP/KKK) Capcom mad the game much more lenient in accepting the inputs.

sim’s teleport is just realy hard to do. as gen-an said the game is really fussy on the input on any system. sim cn’t really rely on it in that game. hell i perfected that move on super sf2 since the input time is so much slower. maybe u can practice on super and then go back to hf. worked for me.