Sims u2 worst in the game?

odd hit detcion+air only+not instant throw+only way 2 combo into it is if you crumple/stun opponent

I think it’s supposed to be for counter/punishing, not as a big combo ender. it’s anti-anti-air.

It’s not as bad as Balrog’s U2.

@cryoh fairpoint they both suck but on larger characters theres setups 4 rogs and does deadly stun

??? It takes 5 frames to come out from a grounded position, so you can punish a ton of things on block with it from 1/3 of a screen away. It’s Sim’s only quick punish at that range and his most damaging punish outside of a super combo. When characters who can’t alter their jump arc jump, u2 is a totally free antiair. When characters do anything laggy at midrange, from fireball to some long whiffed normal, u2 is a free punish. And there are some fun setups against quite a few characters where you can force the opponent to choose between eating u2 or eating a yoga fire.

Imo Sim is a candidate for best overall ultra selection. The only reason you don’t see high level Sims use u2 more is that u1 is just so good.

@ultradavid true also if it wasnt 4 the stun denjin would be terrible

Well it good if u learn how to do the instant air version by buffering the motion then press jump and then press Punch x3 u can throw a yoga fire and if the jump it’s a free u2 also it’s good as a whiff punisher but U1 is still sooo good.

if it comes out in 5 frame how come it punishes only -9frame moves? Im trying to understand what you mean by coming out in 5 frames.

does sim u2 have any invincibility

If startup is 5 frames, it punishes anything that is -5 on block. Check out the stickies in Newbie Saikyo Dojo for more info on frame data in general.

@ golcarjack, Sim U2 doesn’t have any invincibility.

@ UltraDavid, you make awesome posts.

dont you count the jumping frames? that would be technically 8 no?

No, it’s a 2 frame ultra and you have 3 frames to get into the air to do the ultra in the first, place, hence 5 frame punisher from grounded position. And there actually is some invincibility on the ultra itself, it’s just that if you’re grounded and have to get into the air to do it, obviously your jumping frames aren’t invincible.

so it turns out that its a fairly decent uc but the catasrophe better

I see. Do the invincibility frames overlap the active frames? Also, what portion of Dhalsim is invincible for the ultra: the arms or the body?

Catastrophie is just a really, really good ultra for both offensive mixups and defense.

looking back at page 3 of the U2 thread (shangrila la la thingy) some guy tried punishing balrog’s cr.hp which is -8 and balrog was able to jump out everytime. Anyone can verify this? Im at work atm.

im not a high level player by any means but i main sim and i use his ultra 2 every once i a while. its awesome for punishing people who have moves that take time to finish. like akumas fireball and whatnot. especially if you teleport then use it. i think it does a lot more damage than u1 but im not sure

I agree, the dirty bull is pretty horrible.

I’ve seen the shangrila used effectively.

Yeah ultra 1 =60 x5
U2 = 450

i also like using it more especially with turtles. eventually they catch on and
know what ur doing though.