Since Akuma's Tatsu isn't as good how well you think he will be as a point character

I feel Capcom not only nerfed Akuma because of his strong assist but they want to see him as a point character. I have never seen anyone use him on point during tournaments and I think Akuma is one of the best on point even though he doesn’t need assist. With the new throw moves he gets he seems to be able to get great resets especially with assist. From what we know of the assist in UMvC3 so far which would be good for locking the opponent down in block stun while Akuma sets up for a command through? I was thinking the obvious one likes Drons, Doom assists or armored Senpu.

Akuma with no x-factor sucks ass on point. WTF are you talking about.

Also, you probably shouldnt have made this a thread.

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