Since Capcom's working entirely with 3d


Why the hell are they just focused on sf? What about Rival Schools? What about Power Stone? And Plasma Sword (with a better engine)? You used these games to see if you could actually be competent in making polygon fighters, why leave them to rot? Everybody wants more. Hell, a tvc-style Capcom universe game featuring characters from sf, Power Stone, Rival Schools and Plasma Sword would be so damn tight, but no…never happen, even though Capcom has plenty fighters of their own from different franchises to toss into a ring together in an awesome, non-CFE manner. Why is it that Capcom seems to not realize the treasure trove of characters they’re sitting on? They hear “the fans want more fighters from us”, and they thing “Well, let’s do another Street Fighter!” Street Fighter’s all well and good, keep bringing those out (even though with these tarzan 2 shenanigans, 4 taking place before 3, things are getting weird), but don’t just sit on your other fighter franchises as if they were failures.


They could also try a new franchise, but I guess that’s kind of what they did with TVC… But a new franchise with original characters.
But yeah, Plasma Sword and Rival Schools deservers another try. The good thing about those games is no one can complain about how it’s not 2D graphics.
My secret wish is a 2.5D Cyberbots though :wow:

But everyone’s asking for Darkstalkers, with that giant Capcom-Unity thread and all… It’s gonna be Darkstalkers or MvC3.

Edit: And with Plasma Sword, very few people would be able to complain about how it’s not like the old game.


because nobody cares about those games


c viper spin off


Rival Schools 3 !!! :frowning: c’mon !! sequal !!


I think you’d be lucky if Rival Schools, Power Stone, and Plasma Sword combined had 15% the name recognition that SF does.

That would be really sick :wonder:


Because most people are actually more familiar with the Tatsunoko characters than with the cast of Plasma Sword.

The general idea was that the fighting genre was dead. When you set out to revive it with a completely new game, why would you pick an obscure, relatively ill-received title? You pick fuckin SF!


SF didn’t revive anything. It only brought in more retards to the FG world.

You can’t revive something that never died. But you can make it more accessible to people who never cared about FGs in the first place…Hence the onslaught of stupidity known as the year 2009.


Yeah, fighting games kinda died.


And this is why HDR is the best thing to come out the during last decade. It’s a new year for fighting games so I’ll try not to be pessimistic.

EDIT: And yes fighting games were dying off, SF:4 brought new players and the og’s back so I’ll give it credit for that. Some people are interested in learning fighting games. Retards are everywhere it doesnt necessarily have to be new players.


Fighting games fans tend to be the most venomous to new players and expanding community. Like some new player’s gonna do cross-ups on his first token (as it were). Fighting gamers can learn a lot from other communities. Yes, even the wacky FPS ones.


I like how people pretend that og’s don’t do anything but play sf, as if that’s the only fighter out there. Plenty of other companies were bringing out new games while Capcom was dicking around before releasing 4.


Virtua Fighter, Tekken, and Guilty Gear shit all over HDR as do dozens of other fighting games released within the last decade. HDR is a scrubbed down version of ST with shiny graphics and nothing more. HDR is not even close to being the best FG in the last ten years.


Thank you. So many games came out during Capcom’s absence that were and still are holding the FG banner up.

Fanboys like to give Capcom the credit for shit they didn’t do.

Call a spade a spade. Other games kept this shit going while Capcom made it mainstream to get that untapped cash cow: Retard money. The guy who screams loud at any and every flashing light and goofy looking move in SF4.

OG players see that game as a money maker in tourneys because it brings in a lot of players who’ll throw shit-piles money away just to be a part of this culture.


Or people may just like the game? Just a thought


Fuck yo thoughts.

It’s not the fact of some liking it. It’s the fact of people saying everything was dead before it came out. Read next time.


I read quite a bit of your stuff as a matter of fact, it’s pretty amusing. I just think you’re taking “dead” wrong. Also I was responding to your the end of your post nothing in regards to the scene being dead or alive.


Yes it does. Fresh meat=free money.

And dead is dead. What else is it supposed to mean?


Dead isn’t the right word, I wodnt use it to describe the scene before but I think you can understand wht someone is getting at when they say it.


Putting the genre back in the mainstream and resurrecting it are 2 different things.

The scene may have been dying for people who liked Capcom’s games but not for others who play other FGs.

Don’t lump the entire FG community in with the fanboys.