Since gamegen is down, and ppl need sprites... here ya go!

over 1000 sprites in that folder

So you are hadoken king on gamefaqs…

no, i’m m1x4h on gamefaqs. which i barely go to anymore…

Wow. Thanks for taking the time to put that up. It should have a lot of sprites to beat back all the MvC2 requests…which is the biggest reason it sucks that gamegen is down.

damn. there are some really good sprites in here. props to hadoken king on this one.:cool:



why is gamegen down anyways?

Holy crap!!! I was thanking you BEFORE I actually opened the file…now that I have…:eek: I’ll never need gamegen again! Thanks again.

It’d be nice if the damn thing had some kind of organization. :confused:

Ok…that zip has a LOT of stuff…but still missing a lot of stuff.

i’m sorry, but i thought i’d be doing ppl a favor… geez

Well…it’s not like YOU did or didn’t do it. You just posted it.

Any ways…if you guys want more, I got a crap load( and organized ) on one of my CDs.

gamegen is back up

Yeah, Gamegen is back up you freeloaders… HAHA… Just kidding. :smiley:

Nope. Don’t apologize. That’s what we’re good for. :smiley:

I guess people never heard of ripping sprites themselves huh?

Ah well…:rolleyes: