Since having SFA3 at tournaments would be a problem due to no good ports

How about SFA2? The game is just as good (or slightly better or slightly worse), and the Saturn version is arcade perfect (am I right?).

You’re joking right?

Saturn version is not 100% arcade perfect, but it’s the closest console release to 100%. Playing it on emulators(Xbox) with controller converters would probably be 100% arcade perfect(this is considering the emulator runs it at full speed), but is admittedly a hassle to set up.

Which kinda defeats the purpose as most are doing the same with A3.

It basically boils down to preference, as both games have their BS, one just has a little less of it.

Alpha 2 > Alpha 3 IMO, but Alpha 3 probably has a stronger base of dedicated players.

Unless you live in Portugal.

Oh yeah and modded Xbox is the way to go for either game. Or Saturn A2.

Alpha 2 came and went. There’s just not enough in the game to warrant more competitive play in it.

Alpha 2 Gold > all

Use that instead. It’s balanced. :tup:

Or you could just get a couple of SFA3 cabinets and run it on that? Most tournaments are doing that now with Marvel.

How do I just go and get A3 cabinets? I thought this was one of the reasons why it’s really difficult to hold tourneys in it… there is a lack of them around.

Can you go and get them at Target or something?

Pick up a 6-button ready cab on ebay…then wait until a zero3 or a3 comes up on ebay (which could be anywhere from weeks to months). Or you could always order from coinop express, which charges like $136 for A+B board, and has a $200 minimum purchase requirement. :tup:

[/end sarcasm] Okay, obviously not very feasible. What’s wrong w/ DC version of a3? Capcom did release an arcade board (zero3 upper, iirc), which brought the DC version to the arcade. :pleased:

In regard to SFA2, while it is a fun game, for tourney play, it is extremely limited in character selection…and it’s slow compared to a3.

OMG, for the 83658658723658734658435th time, dreamcast a3, is NOT sfz3 UPPER. IT IS NOT THE SAME! the 2 games are so different. they are more different than dc a3 to the original arcade a3. the only thing that is similar between dc a3 and arcade upper, is the console characters added, sim and guy nerfing, and the decreased vc startup invincibility. upper is missing crouch cancels, you cant wiff throws for meter, vc’s are even weaker, A is much stronger, and X is weaker. many characters got tweaked, especially deejay, he has the longest recovery in the whole game now on his fireball, unlike on the dc version, where it had no recovery at all. just a couple examples. not having crouch cancels tho alone just makes the game so radically different…

Cant u just use SFA3 for PS1?

To be honest from sabr3’s description I would be excited to play SFZ3 upper, too bad there’s no console port either!.. unless you figure out how to put either a DS or a PSP on a joystick and TV, or theres a re-release, A3 is still stuck. The DC and PS1 versions are too old to pick up as if they were new (which is the real case here), and the Arcade release is through it’s life cycle already.

As a game gets older it’s very difficult to get it going again unless we get an excuse, we got like 3 more releases of ST, 3s on ps2/xbox helped a ton, and even HF is experiencing a small comeback with the new collection. In the end we can be creative, but nothing revives a scene like going to the store and unwrapping that new release.

Alpha 2 is nowhere even close to being the same as Alpha 3 anyway.
The omission of V-ISM alone is huge.

People like A2 because

a) most people never really played it vs good players or saw it played at a high level, and
b) it makes them feel really competent (it’s fairly simple at first, and A3 has a way of making new players feel dumb)

There’s a lot of BS in SFA2, too, but I think people don’t realize it (Ken players), or just don’t know about it (other Ken players).

It’s not a bad game…but like when people talk about how much they liked MvC1, or SF2:WW… I’m guessing half of them don’t realize how retarded the game could be at times, and there’s a lot of nostalgia at play.

Blah blah blah…

I wouldn’t have half the problem I do with Z3U if they didn’t remove crouch canceling entirely.


To be fair, there was just a round robin SFA2 tournament I was at (held on one of the Anniversary Edition ultracade machines), and the guy who won was actually a Ken player, and he actually knew what he was doing, and SHOULD have won, as he was the best player there.


My theory remains: everyone who thinks they’re good at Street Fighter (or maybe all fighting games), regardless of their ACTUAL skill level, thinks that because they used to play Ken in SFA2. I mean, really: what other SF game is the characters scrubs love the most, the best character in the fucking game?

And I play fucking ROSE. This is like the guy playing Vega in ST compaining about how cheap O.Sagat is.

I’d love to see A3 make a comeback…except for the fact that I hate the arcade version. It’s my favorite video game EVER made, but I only ever played on the DC and Saturn… No T. Hawk in the arcade version? Why play it at all? I’m all for Upper, but the rarity is obviously going to make it prohibitive. I swear by the Saturn version, but somehow I doubt all the SFA3 fans out there will EVER agree on a format. Arcade players won’t adapt to the changes in the other versions, and console players won’t spend the time and money tracking down a cabinet and board…and personally, I dislike the limited character selection in the arcade version. I think I could adapt to upper, but my friend who plays Dee Jay? He’d be disgusted.

In a nutshell, as much as I’d love to see A3 come back to the forefront, there’s no version that will please everyone. I’ve given up hope, sadly. :sad:

Well, my partner just picked up a Capcom cabinet (“Impression” is the best we can determine for a model name/style), and we just got (I say “we”, cuz I tracked it down on ebay for him) a Zero3 board. If ever anything is arranged in California, we could probably provide the cabinet, with enough advance notice. :tup:

Um…SF3:3S maybe?