Since I Can't Get Any Help From MAS' Thread... *MAS Experts please step in*

Does anybody know which controller I need to use to fix my joystick?

Any help is appreciated, thanks much.

Any PlayStation or PlayStation 2 Controller.
Just take its cord.

Or use PlayStation or PlayStation 2 Controller Extension.

Those controllers have a different wire count however, they have more than this one, and some of the colors also don’t match up.

Why does it say Nintendo 64 on your PCB?

How many wires do you need?
There are seven for PSX/PS2.

And colors are not supposed to match for different controllers and brands.

It is a PCB from MAS that has support for multiple systems with PIC.

Use a multimeter to check for continuity between the wires.

This unit appears older and does not use MAS’s “pic” but rather their standard multi-controller PCB. All of their available console options used to be included on one PCB. They simply added the correct components to the PCB if customers chose the option. Since they never appeared to make any changes from PS1 equipped PCB’s to PS2 equipped units, I would just assume use the cord of an “offical” PS1 pad as a first attempt. The cost is trivial, so there is not much to lose if wrong.

I just counted and there are 7 wires. If the colors aren’t supposed to match, how do I know where each goes?


Check continuity of the old cable for each wire to its pins.
Then match with the new cable for each wire to its pins.

I don’t know why you previously said that the wire count not match.
But it does.

Seems like I always had an extra wire left over (Guess not). Thanks a lot by the way.

Update: Wire count does not match. As I said before, PS2 controllers have 9 wires, not 7, any help? Thanks.

You really don’t get it? The wire’s will not ‘‘match’’ they’ve already told you this yet you keep ignoring them, They told you how to fix it and what to do with the multimeter

PS2 controller only needs 7 wires.
Pin 3 & 8 are not used.

PSX Controllers

What I been saying the whole time.
He won’t listen to me.


What’s so good about these MAS sticks? They look hella ghetto IMO.

Personal preference and the fact that quality company manufactured sticks weren’t as easy to obtain like they are now.

When people wanted an american arcade stick, MAS was the way to go. There really wasn’t anything else side of building one yourself.
Watch old videos of EVO and you’ll see tons of them, especially the MvsC2 matches.

The things MAS sticks had going for them was the use of American style parts and the wooden case it self was well made.