Since PS 3.5 update- off the shelf stick issue when using 2 sticks

Bear with me as I walk through the steps of this issue from a technical writing standpoint.

When you boot up a PS4 and turn on a standard PS controller it logs you in as player 1, light bar goes blue, under the main profile.
When you turn on a second PS controller it makes you player 2 ,light bar goes red, and takes you to the login screen for a profile and if you dont have one you sign in as a guest.

Before 3.5 update on a Mad Catz fight stick the same as above would happen and everything was normal.
Since the update I thought there was an issue with a Brook modded Razer stick I have stealing the login of the player 1. I even made a post to @Brook_Engineer about it to ask and he kindly replied that it was an issue from the 3.5 update. At first I thought he meant that it was an issue for the modded stick log in.
But I have a brand new TE2+ and a brand new Alpha stick for my kids. When you plug the first stick in and push the PS button it does the normal log in as Player 1 and light bar goes blue. When I plug in the Alpha and push the PS button the light bar turns blue and it becomes player 1 and the light bar on the TE shuts off.

So it seems the PS update has added this issue even to 3rd party licensed controllers/sticks. Maybe a Mad Catz rep of some kind could comment on this, if any cruise these forums, which as a product design engineer myself I’d think so.

Obviously the way it works now is when the second stick is plugged in you push and hold the PS button and go to the “switch profile” options and log it in as a guest or second profile. Then turn on the first stick and select the first profile. Its simple but can be annoying as it bounces back and forth between the sticks if options are not selected in the correct order. On top of that, at the local FGC get togethers it makes starting games more annoying and when you add people that need legacy mode or don’t have a Brook pcb and need extra log in time its compounded.

Does anyone have any info or updates on this?

Yeah I have the same issue.

If I only have one profile signed in and I plug in a second controller, pressing the home key on the second controller takes over the profile signed in.

The only way to fix this is to have two profiles signed in prior to pressing home on the second controller.

ya my TE2 does this. gotta switch user on the second controller after it reassigns itself then i can reassign my te2 to my own user account. annoying but it works