Since Ryu has an upgraded Level 3, can we get one for Dante too now?


Dante’s Level 3 animation is kinda meh. I wish they would upgrade it for others too.


A lot of Lvl3’s need an upgrade.


I want them to overhaul his level 3 entirely. His level 3 feels like a level 1.


Define an “upgrade”.

Ryu’s wasn’t upgraded in any way. They just cut to him turning into Evil Ryu for no reason.


I meant animation wise. It’s a nice touch to see him do a Semi Metsu and Semi Shin Shouryuken. The first hit has a Red Evil aura effect too.

They could do similar animation touch ups to other people atleast if not give them a brand new animation like Captain America’s.


Just a quick bit editing then? Lmao.


I just like the visual but was this really something biggie? IMHO yet I’m fine with Dante having more adjustments for betterment either visual or even gameplay wise.


RYU upgrade hyper/super?