Since search is disabled - how is this stick?

FSGamer is selling it for $35… is it good?

IIRC, PCBs are bad. Buttons are mediocre. To mod with Sanwa/Seimitsu stuff, you’ll need to widen the button holes. Not sure about mounting a in there stick though. Might not be enough clearance.

Besides what TingBoy said, you’ll need to mod the case too, just to give you an idea of how much work/effort you’ll need to make this thing into a good stick, check out serpentaruis worklog thread:

Yeah, but sepentaruis used Ultralux buttons, which need a much greater clearance then say, Sanwa/Seimitsu 30mm buttons. Which would probably fit in that just right.

wheres the guy that cut his in half…

OK, when you say the PCB is bad… is it not responsive?

about the gate on the stick… I know it’s square… Is it closer to Agetec Green Goblin square, or closer to Hori EX2 square? The HORI, I fucking LOVE it… the Agetec, I had to sand down for me to find it playable.

It’s a good deal of work to mod. As stated, the button holes must be widened, the case is too thin to mount a JLF (and so logically also too thick for LS-32). You can do it though. But yeah, not the best stick to buy for a mod.


OK… I just bought it since it was only $35.

I assume it’s at least good enough that I can practice my links in CvS2 and whatever. I wasn’t looking for a competitive stick.