Since there talking about a rebalance at Capcom , you think we will get more health?



Since there talking about a rebalance at Capcom , you think we will get more health ? and a slight damage buff , i know alot of you guys play this game alot more then me and im horrible, my team was x23,deadpool, ironman lol
What things would you like to see to make her on par with others, i simply just want more health alot more health and slight damage output increase


I don’t think we really need a health or damage buff to be honest. In Marvel, unless you have over 1m health you’re dying in one combo anyways, and X-23 actually does some pretty high damaging combos for a reset character.

I said it in another thread but I actually think if they just buff Laura’s preferred partners then that’s all she’ll really need to be competitive. She has some weaknesses in the game that would certainly be nice if buffed, such as her high hitstun limiting what combos we can do in certain situations, or being unable to convert off of ground throws without X-Factor. Then she has some problems that realistically probably can’t be fixed without totally redesigning the character, such as her normals just not being able to compete with any top tier characters’ pokes.

But ignoring all of that I think her biggest problem is that all of the in-theory “best” X-23 teams are horribly top heavy unreliable once she dies. Her best partners are characters like Doctor Strange, Iron Man, Shuma Gorath, Hsien-Ko, Rocket Raccoon, etc. Those are the characters we have to use if we want to optimize our playstyle and that just doesn’t work in the long run. X-23 is character who needs a team built around her and unfortunately so are all of those characters. So then we have to look to more reliable characters like Doctor Doom, Dante, Magneto, etc who do the job well enough but are far from being the best team for anyone involved.

An ideal update for me would be one that nerfs Zero, Vergil, Morrigan, and Doom, gives X-23 better ground throw conversions, and significantly buffs the previously mentioned partners. Do that and we’ll be in there.


id go for the less hit stun if i could have a choice, alot of times tinkering away in the training room ,doing combos i would figure work, towards the end chars just start falling out, then i watch a magneto or a doom and see the amount of hit and juggles, then i go cry in a bucket with my x23 deadpool iron man team


If they forced me to buff x, I’d just turn her talon dive L vs aerial into soft knock down even after S…
(I mean I want the dive kick to have the same hit stun as Lvl 3 Zero buster)


if it had the properties of Lvl 3 Buster, then you could just do an infinite in the corner TA-L > CS x∞


you mean like Morrigan, but worse of a character…


I think X-23’s problems are getting in on characters that dominate the air space. Her air game is very weak. She really has no solid way to get people down to play a fair match. She also has a tough time with very strong zoners.

Here are my list of changes for X-23:

-Hit stun increased on ALL normals, air normals, Talon Attacks, and Crescent Scythes(Decrease overall hit stun deterioration)

  • Double the hit box of Falling Claw and apply a ground bounce property
    -Increase the hit boxes of her s.L , s.M, s.H, c.H, a.H, and a.S
    -s.M, S, c.M, a.H, and a.S are all projectile invincible
    -Launcher is now -6 from -9 on block and -3 on hit
    -Ground and Air throws have longer hard knockdown duration to able to charge Ankle Slice otg and super(No longer throw fullscreen but midscreen)
    -Uncharged Neck Slice start up changed to 14 frames from 18, recovery changed to 12 frames from 14, is now +3 on block and hit
    -Uncharged Ankle Slice start up changed to 17 frames from 20,now is 0 on block and hit
  • Fully Charged Neck Slice and Ankle Slice are special cancellable
    -Fully Charged Neck Slice and Ankle Slice are projectile invincible
  • Decapitating Slice start up changed to 20 frames uncharged and 40 frames charged from 26-45,recovery changed to 15 frames from 23 frames
  • Talon Attack L is now an overhead
    -Talon Attack M start up changed to 12 frames from 15, recovery is now 10 from 13, now is +5 on block and hit from -3
    -Talon Attack H start up changed to 12 frames from 15, recovery is now 10 from 13, now is +5 on block and hit from -3
    -Two Talon Attacks are allowed per jump
    -Talon Attack can be cancelled into Falling Claw
  • Crescent Scythe L Recovery changed to 25 frames from 33, air recovery matches ground recovery(no longer falls until grounded), is now -15 on block from -19
    -Crescent Scythe M Recovery changed to 30 frames from 40,air recovery matches ground recovery(no longer falls until grounded), is now -20 on block from -25
    Crescent Scythe H Recovery changed to 50 frames from 59,air recovery matches ground recovery(no longer falls until grounded), is now -40 on block from -46
    -All Crescent Scythes can be cancelled into Falling Claw
    -All Crescent Scythes projectile invincible
    -Damage scaling slightly reduced to match High in training mode(All Hyper’s damage left the same)
    -Meter Build on all normals increased, meter build on specials left alone
    -Rage Trigger recovery reduced to 35 frames from 44, is now -17 on block from -26
    -Weapon X Prime recovery reduced to 25 frames from 38, is now -35 on block from 50
    -Silent Kill duration increased from 3 in game seconds to 5, crumple state given instead of hard knockdown
  • Alpha assist start up changed to 38 frames from 42, 11 active frames from 7, Now is projectile invincible and causes stagger longer than Fully Charged Neck Slice
    -Beta Assist start up changed to 35 frames from 44
    -Gamma Assist start up changed to 25 frames from 29 , active frames changed to 12 frames from 9, now has more hit stun and one point of armor invincibility


yeah that what i want, guess that the right word for it “Decrease overall hit stun deterioration” what ever makes them slip out of combos so damn fast


Kreygasm ^^^^^


Or increasing her hit stun, same thing. Yeah she definitely needs it. If your not 110% on point with your execution one slip up and the whole combo’s ruined.

X-23 has so much potential to be a deadly character, not the she can’t be right now but it’s just so hard to be taken seriously when you can’t confirm off anything. And with my changes for her you can basically confirm off anything :3.


Lol…I sincerely hope have nothing to do with any patch and X23…If they added any of that nonsense to her, the buffs that every other character in the game would get would be outrageous…It blows my mind that you would waste your time typing all that up.

I like X23 as much as everyone else in here and it’s fun to lol about how they should break the game and make her god tier but I honestly don’t think I’ve seen a decent (or even reasonable) patch buff/nerf list from anyone…

I’m so tired of seeing people say ‘she can’t do X or Y, she needs a buff there’ when the only thinkg she can’t do in the current game is get a guaranteed SJ height conversion midscreen (and for what she has/can do now, that’s pretty fair, IMO.)

She has solo unassisted Thor TOD, she has -1 net meter Thor TODs with 2 assists, she has throw conversions off everything with certain assists, she builds 2 meters in an optimal combo, she can kill whole teams with 1 touch + 1 TAC, she can mixup from NJ/SJ height with assists better than almost anyone else in the game, she has some of the best non-flight mobility options, she can make any blockstring +, she can get full damage conversions off her CSs in neutral (and those have retarded hitboxes and frames) with certain assists…If you can’t make stuff happen with all of the tools she has now, there’s really not much a patch will do to help you…

Maybe if you guys spent time learning what she can do with her toolset/combo/synergy/assist options instead of worrying about what she can’t do you’d see that she doesn’t really need much done to her.

Realistically, what’s going to happen with this patch is that TAC infinites are going to be taken out and she is going to instantly lose half of her high tier synergy and one of the few things that makes her viable in the UMvC3 endgame. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they nerf her meter gain or hitstun so that you can’t double dirt nap easily/anymore.

If those two things go away, then I think it would be reasonable to see a buff to something like her j.M (a few frames faster startup) so she has a better IOH option or a faster throw animation on her ground throw (1 neck stab instead of 2) so more assists can be used to combo off it (or the dumber option of giving her enough time to dash and OTG + assist, which I don’t think she should have.) I doubt that we’ll see any changes to how she works in the air, they’ve made it pretty clear that they don’t want her to be a major threat at SJ height.

I think we’re more likely to see Wolvie get an unblockable move before we see X23 get a ground bounce off TA L or dH.


Uh, chillout man. I think the approach most people are coming from is the fact that x23 has the potential to be so good but the fact of the matter is there are so many intricacies about her that make her a turn off. I get that you might have a lot of passion or w/e for playing x-23 and that’s cool but no need to get crazy. Although I agree that RedFlame went HAM on the buffs, I can understand where he was coming from.

On another note, I personally would be happy AF if the only change we get is increased hitstun/decreased hitstun deterioration across the board for her. She’s one of those characters where if you blink in between inputs you might drop a combo XD.


i don’t think x23 requires much. if capcom modified how aircombos and flying screen worked, in addition to buffing her airthrows, she’d be fine imo.
also, a new pink and black alternate based on this look would be cool.



Don’t be a zealot, dude risk to reward X is underpowered. Her hit boxes are pretty lame, but even if you are GDLK with the cancels and you can put out crazy perfect pokes and combo off of c.H into full damage at max range everytime there is still the issue that push block is too good vs her tool set. Outside of the corner, her L. hop is worthless, her M. hop is always neg and her H. hop is just as lame… I tried using mfc’s to stay in and you can always get poked out if you get push blocked. You can c.L and dash back in, but every character can do that, “just play wolverine”… Than you have her charge moves, those suck too. They suck against pushblock and most people just up back on reaction… How do you have a ground character that can’t stay in??? It’s just poor design. Magneto and the airdash bunch can get in and stay in, so why can’t X? And if she isn’t designed to stay in, at least design her to get in. Who has longer dive kick recovery? Why does her MF not have some type of inv (at least projectile inv). Wesker has a projectile, a real teleport and command grab that doesn’t suck… Why is it when you compare her to other characters she is an accumulation of worse versions of them… The only character she beats is that her L3 is more OD than shuma’s, but he has a decent assist so somebody plays him at least…

You can bring up assists, but everyone agrees, her best assists weaken the team over all and the assists that make her neutral complete don’t benefit from her…


I’ve been thinking for a while about what if Capcom just gave her a double jump. Would you guys agree that this would help remedy her air control?


Idk if remedy is the word, but it would definitely improve it.


Haha. If you made air talon L an overhead, she’d be BEAST on the ground. Mirage Feint cross up high/lows. Nobody can block that.


Wait, aren’t all jumping attacks considered “high” or basically an overhead?

I would love to see ANY of these in a potential update. I know these are all buffs but like I said, if even just ONE made it through that’d be enough for me. Hell, the change from Ultimate where she can cancel Crescent Scythe into Talon Attack made a world difference for damage and combos. Again I don’t think she needs ALL of these, just maybe one or a few of those below and that’s fine for me.

**- Tiny health increase. **~ Doesn’t have to be drastic but a small increase would be cool.
**- Reduce hit stun deterioration. **~ Opponents flip out way to easily/early compared to other character solo combos and the like.
- Reduce distance X throws her opponent from air/ground throw to allow at least an assisted follow up. ~ This would be great for her because you can’t really do anything other than hope that your mixup works on their wakeup.
- Allow cancellable qcf+ATK. ~ Wishful thinking. I keep getting blown up throwing out Neck Slice lol
- Increase hitbox on j.d+H. ~ Her j.d+H seems like it was more than just getting an extra 10-30K damage in combos. Would be a great instant over head to confirm into Talon Attack L.
- Talon Attack Light do ground bounce if not used in air combo, and maybe a wallbounce for medium? ~ Would open up combo possibilities but as for the wallbounce part, that’s wishful thinking.
- Neck Slice (QCF+L) go through SOME projecticles if fully charged. ~ Her Neck Slice is really really unsafe and you basically would only throw it out in combos but it feels like it was supposed to be used to close in on the opponent during rush down.
- Decrease recovery for OTG QCF+M to allow OTG pickup and expand combo possibilities. ~ At least let us do her DP super after OTG pickup but again, this would be great for expanded combo potential.


No, not all jumping attacks are high attacks. X-23’s talon dive isn’t one. Neither are Wolverine’s nor Trish’s dive kicks to name some more.

I like the idea of cancelling her qcf attacks. She can mirage cancel. Why not charge cancel her other ground moves? Before they come out mind you, not on block/hit.


Being realistic it would be stupid to give x-23 any buffs shes so strong as it is, if i were to say i would want a specific buff it would be less hit stun det just so we can do some better looking combos, and give her back at least some of her hit stun for the air talon so its potentially convertable, one thing i believe they should look at changing is her Mf to talon cancel its inconsitent whether your going to hit the front or back dependant on how close they are, if there in the corner ect, all they need to do is remove the motion so that when you do mf you only press the required button for the attack kinda like dante