Since when did Grace of Hoggoth become a teleport?

The game seems to be having trouble reading a QcB as a reverse DP, causing me to teleport in the air while I’m trying to set up Grace of Hoggoth. It’s especially bad when I go for the Flames only to get hit because it read it as a teleport.

Is there a way to desensitize the controls or for the game to read these moves better? I played MvC3 when it came out and not once did I ever have an issue like this.

Check your inputs in training mode. I presume that you may have but I just have to as a safety measurement. It happens to me if I’m trying to do a move too fast. I try slowing it down. You may be pressing the atk button too soon or something.

You’re most likely inputting the command too fast. The same happened to me when using an Iron fist bnb. Instead of QCF L it was giving my red chi and man that was annoying.

I’m having mad trouble with this also. LOL. I already hated this shit with X-23 as it was.

lol thank goodness it wasn’t just me. is this more a case of sloppy execution or the game just being really weird with inputs? like I remember dropping Mags’ fly-unfly combo several times because it would do Hyper Grav H instead unfly-j.H like it’s supposed to even if my QCB motion was clean. found out that I had to wait a bit after unfly before mashing H to make sure j.H comes out. possibly the same case too with this dumb teleport “option select”.

lol this game’s buffering system makes rather pedestrian stuff super hard sometimes

-magneto’s new ROM is so difficult for me on 1p side because sjf.H always comes out as disrupton
-doom’s new bnb on 2p side where you have to tridash forward after every S before you otg makes plasma beam come out
-iron fists chi makes me have to use different rekkas

just adds so much difficulty to easy stuff for no reason lol, but at least strange’s is fixed simply by delaying your graces a few frames after super jumping backwards

Noticed this myself, ^ having to delay it that split second is annoying as hell.

Totally feel you on the iron fist chi…

The best way I’ve found to mitigate the problem is to use HCB+atk.

So glad alot Strange players are experiencing this crap too.
I don’t have perfect execution but c’mon!!! having to slow down the input while under pressure from a rushdown character (Vergil, X-23, etc) is truly a pain in the ass.

So annoying.

(ok I have a second to spare, I’ll just set some or-)



Thank fully, Capcom addressed my personal issues of Super Jump canceling :s: to Teleport and allowed holding :s: for launch jump follow up. Reversed Dragon Punch motion is kinda hard when you need to input upward as well.

I am also thankful that I have such slow motion movement that everything I do comes out clean, I even perfected my weakness of doing Reveresed Dragon punch motion for Dante combos on P2 side in previous version, yet now i cant even control when I want tele or grace :/. I dont know what happened to the buffering recognizing system to lead to such horrid results.

I guess doing Half circles for graces and slow reverse dragon punch for teleports may be the best chance, but a slow input command for such a timing specific special is kinda self torture, in a game where chances are only created when you time everything on pin point.

I do the same thing with certain inputs. When I first picked up MVC3 I had trouble with Sentinel’s command grab coming out and HCF+L fixed the problem.

Can not tell you how many times this happened to me. Same thing happens when I try to gather my power with Dormammu. That said, it’s easy to get around by simply doing half circle back motions. It was already said, but it deserves echoing.

You just have to make sure that when you move backwards or jump back and try to do it that you give it time. I used to jump up-back and try to put one up, and kept teleporting repeatedly. Just have to be smart about the buffering like people said now. You’’ get used to it.

yes, i have a habit of holding block when I jump so this shit happens to me all the time. hopefully they can/will fix this with the upcoming patch

When I have 4 or 5 bars, Strange on point with Dorm second…I cannot tell you the # of times I try SoV then dhc into chaotic flame but I get “DARK DIMENSION!”, even when I purposefully try to do the exact motion for the CF…

Dude, this happens to me ALL THE FUCKING TIME!!! I dont know what it is, but I do know its annoying as hell.

I hate it too, its like the game somehow reads qcf as f+qcf and says “ooo srk amirite?”

Need to go back to neutral asap after inputting SoV before you DHC. Happens w/ any fast super afaik.