Since you guys are the Guile players, you know the weak spot



I play A-Rock/Ken/Sakura.

Let’s assume you’re playing C-Guile and doing an awesome job of zoning me via SBs followed by cr.MK or f+st.FP, j.MK, etc.

For each character, what would be a good way of avoiding this rushdown?

My initial thoughts are
Rock–Rising tackle a poke/crack counter a poke/roll
Ken–shoryuken a poke/roll

Am I missing something or was my opponent just really good at screwing up my timing?


Would you happen to be the guy that was at castles and coasters playing that A-groove team, and would switch to a k-groove? If so I would be that guile player. And since hes a charge char a good thing is to rush me and try to keep my from charging so i cant flash kick or sb.

also your p-groove was pretty decent, that just fucks guile all up if i cant keep up the pressure due to parry and hittting me and or parry~super.


yeah, that’d be me. I really gotta learn Cammy…