Sincere question: What are these Akuma forums really about?

I private messaged West about this, since I got his personal attention, but I wanted to know the thoughts from everyone else, because the views of others should always be heard.

What I have a problem with is this. These are discussion forums regarding Akuma, right. Where does it say that the discussion forums have to be only about strategy or only about improving one’s game?

From what I see, there are about 3 different types of posters on these forums.

The elite, top-level players.
The middle of the line players.
And of course, the new guys, who are beginners.

Now, what one set of players thinks is important, the others will not. The elite players are concerned about frame data, links, and a good example would be advanced ways to combo into Akuma’s Ultra 2. Something let’s say a beginner player should not even think about worrying with. But do these forums get locked…never!

A middle of the line player is concerned with ways to land Ultra 1, or learning how to focus cancel after a SRK to safely use it, and not get punished. Something an advanced player already knows, and a beginner player, again, should not worry about. Do these threads get locked, maybe 50% of the time.

And a beginner worries about how to learn Akuma’s BnB combos, or ways to use anti-airs effectively, something elite players already know, and thus, end up locking the thread.

My point being, what isn’t important to one player, might be to someone else, so why delete, ban, give infraction(s), or flame someone for whatever they post?

Again, these are NOT elitist forums, even though some wish they were. These are DISCUSSION forums, and thus, discussing what anyone thinks is important should be allowed.

If I want to talk about why Edma booted me out, or why I think Akuma has a large penis, well then let me talk about that, because I think that is important. If player X doesn’t want to search how to perform a basic combo, let him post and make a thread. WHO CARES??

The only people that care, are those elitists that think these forums are for themselves, a select few, or people within their SF clique. This should not be this way, or will it ever be this way, because new people pop up all the time, and these pointless and cluttering threads will NEVER STOP. You are fighting a battle you won’t win. You can give mod powers to 100 people for these forums only, and I guarantee these threads will continue to arise, so why fight it?

And yes, I know the response will be that pointless threads are cluttering or polluting these forums, but when has that ever NOT been the case. I have searched these forums, and pointless/garbage threads were there since day one, and will be here 5 years from now.

If anything is that important that someone makes a thread or a post about, IT WILL BE STICKIED!!! If it is not important, then eventually, over time, the thread will get pushed off the front page, into page 2, then 3 then 15, and lost until someone searching for that exact thread.

So again, let people post whatever they want. If it important to them, and they take time out to make a post, well then let it be. If it’s something EVERYONE needs to read, guess what, I think West is smart enough (I use smart loosely), to make it a sticky, and if not, don’t worry, the thread will die out eventually if it really was that pointless and stupid.

So let these forums be what they are meant to be, which are forums to discuss whatever a person thinks is important. If someone is too lazy to search, and asks a simply questions, again, WHO CARES?!?! Simply answer if you want to take the time out, make a mature response, or ignore it. It doesn’t, or it should, hurt you one bit if someone makes a stupid post or one that doesn’t pertain to you! Not everything revolves around you.

I want to talk about why you are a shitty whiny troll. Can I make a thread about that?

Are you such a dumbass that you can’t understand that if you don’t try to instill the idea to only post novel, relevant threads, all the repeat, irrelevant garbage that will be posted makes the search function useless, and wastes SRK bandwidth?

Don’t worry, there’s already a website just like that:

You guys beat me to it on both counts. :sad:

I have no joke to add. I am ashamed.

And you are exactly one of those elitist jerks that I am talking about. If it doesn’t pertain to you, you already bash it. You are a bitch, and that is all you will be. Infract away, but I couldn’t care less about you, or your shitty attitude.

but you guys!

I didn’t even think about this, but wow are you an idiot. Tons of people, not only me, avoid the search engine like the plague, and are you serious about bandwidth!? What a freaking moron you are! My plain text posts, which I can make 1,000 of, won’t even take more bandwidth than one of those videos you have in the media section. so don’t be a troll yourself making up stupid excuses on how I am wasting bandwidth…lol…moron.

I believe these akuma forums can chat about discussing quirks and fun topics about this character. And whose to say we can’t or shouldn’t?

i think this has gone on long enough why are you taking it so much to heart that your threads are getting deleted? this sub forum has honestly degenerated a lot from when i used to lurk here and even when i joined. I for one feel that at least having an active mod like West is useful even if your thread gets deleted its not that insanely rude or anything actually thats the mods job to MODERATE the forums. before you go nuts and say oh you never had a thread deleted you’re right i didnt but say tomorrow West deletes my match up thread, then ill at least ask him why if its a legit reason like someones doing it better then fine. just take a chill pill man its not that serious this is the interwebs.

Where on earth would it be productive to repeatedly answer the same question over and over again? Specifically when the answer is most of the time found in the stickies or through a simple search. Your refute to simply ignore it is just plain useless. Say everyone decides to ignore it and the user complains about how “useless” this board is and no one is willing to help. What we have left is a bunch of empty threads and useless clutter that when people do search, will bring up nothing but garbage. Such a simple concept yet you can’t figure that out for yourself. You think by saying that you don’t like searching that automatically gives you the right to whine and bitch thus making it okay to post useless threads is not cool. Man up and buddy, mommy and daddy aren’t going to be around to hand feed you throughout all of life.

"If I want to talk about why Edma booted me out, or why I think Akuma has a large penis, well then let me talk about that, because I think that is important."
Go ahead, that thread is still up afaik. No one closed it on you even though it had nothing to do with, “frame data, links.” It’s just people didn’t feel like sympathizing with you that you feel all butt hurt :’(
Regardless, people are going to label this, “another stoli post” and I couldn’t agree more. QQ on gamefaqs, I’m sure you’ll find your long lost ebuddy on there.

Professor Salty strikes again

There is no reason to clutter the forums with tons of threads with the same questions being answered in them. That’s why there are stickied threads that people can go to in order to learn everything they want about a character

There are stickied threads populated with information that satisfies the questions of beginners, middle players and experienced players. Anything outside of that is typically handled by the general questions thread which is actually quite active these days among people with the sense to use it and is helping many beginners and experienced players alike.

Anything outside of these areas is usually something that brings about a completely new mechanic, option or tactic (consider the U2 application threads for example) or a thread that brings about discussion that is genuinely interesting or topical.

Frankly, when someone vomits up a thread with a poor signal:noise ratio, it’ll get shit canned. The “Boo-hoo Ed Ma” thread is a perfect example of useless threads like this. Its pointless, its meaningless, its stupid. Threads like that only stand to clutter this sub-forum up with nonsense. A lot of other freshly started threads have rarely had new things to add and could have been added to the existing stickies - usually the general questions thread.

Exercise good judgement and some common sense. The reason SRK (for the most part) hasn’t devolved into a mish-mash of idiocy akin to Gamefaqs is because people generally have the good sense not to kick off nonsense threads combined with the mods keeping a lid on general idiocy. Just because a thread will eventually wither and die by way of being ousted onto subsequent pages in the forum doesn’t mean its a good excuse to post it. The actions of mods and the general disdain people have with a lot of the garbage threads isn’t about elitism, its about trying to maintain some semblance of quality control over the content of SRK in general and this doesn’t pertain to the Akuma sub-forum exclusively.

I agree with you that threads and posts considered garbage can easily be ignored and this holds true. It becomes a major annoyance however when these begin to pop-up with increased frequency - especially when folks ask questions satisfied in stickied and active threads. This is the current problem. Surely you can understand this.

This man speaks the truth.

Lets not forget that a multitude of information can also be learned if people would just play the game for more than five minutes. Granted there are always going to be those that hit a wall. Sometimes all it takes is that one little piece of information and the light clicks on. (But hey that’s what the quick question thread is for.)

I dare anyone to go look at the Rufus sub-forum. In my opinion that is what a sub-forum should look like. For the most part all the information is compiled into the stickies and orderly. The stuff that floats around is useful but not worth compiling onto the sticky thread list. No threads on why J-Wong kicks random casuals, misplaced vid threads or other garbage that clutters this sub-forum. Inherently there will be those that never bother to look but rather post first, ask questions later. That’s just the way forums go, but in here it gets alittle out of hand.

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What happened to the time when you made a mistake on a forum, got called out on it, then swallowed your pride, learnt from your mistake and went on to become a valued member of the community as a result?

This is basically forum fighter, and as with games, if you refuse to improve upon your posting habits and content, while expecting people to accept you with open arms anyway, you’re a scrub, a forum scrub, but a scrub nonetheless.

Akuma, but your whiney ass wants to change that. go to fucking gamefaqs. i thought this would be a serious intervention topic until i saw your dumb ass made the thing and i facepalmed.

I’m one of those elite top level players so I don’t give a shit about this thread. Just wanted to share my thoughts.