Singapore Scene


heyo! some of you may have already seen this on our FB page, but mvc3 singapore has managed to get some space at STGCC 2011, which is happening aug 20 and 21 at suntec. we’re planning to do a whole bunch of stuff, including:

  • mini-tourneys
  • themed tourneys (avengers only, marvel characters only, etc)
  • king-of-the-hill challenge
  • grand-prize tourney

more info at the STGCC website:

for overseas players, if you’re in singapore any time during these two days, please come down and join us, and we’d definitely be able to hook you up with some quality (and free!) gameplay. :slight_smile:


Ah Xian confirms coming here in the Philippines to join our Octoberfist SSF4AE tournament! :))


Oh yeah I heard. i’m not sure if I was able to meet him during my series of visits in SG way back 2005-2009. Looking forward to meet him in person.


lol ive never been to SG yet despite living not that far away

maybe some time this year…


Looks like you lucky folks can get your hands on Street Fighter X Tekken at Sony’s UPHORIA party at *SCAPE in December.

If anyone goes, send me videos and impressions so I can post 'em on the front page.


There are local forums where we gather, you may not find anything being posted here .


Gonna be in SG to study abroad from January - May!! very excited to level up in a different country!


Does anyone know when the South East Asia Major is going to be?

According the official EVO announcement page, it will be held on Mar 17-18, but when I go to sgfighter, it says it will be on April 21-22.

I’m visiting Hong Kong in March, and I was thinking about taking a weekend off to visit Singapore and attend the tournament if it is in March.


Article is up… lah.


Anyone know where I can buy I a dual-stick (Qanba, 8-arc etc) in Singapore?


There’s a shop at Jcube shopping centre above the ice skating rink that sells qanba q4raf, its called gamewerkz .


Hello !!

I will be in Singapore for holidays in about 3 weeks, so I would like to know where the top SSFIV AE 2012 players plays (guys like Xian, Leslie, Gackt, Kaiser, Zhi, etc.).

The exact address of the Arcades location would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks alot !!


Bump !!

Does anyone know ?



arcade center in SG? top player from a city in Philippines will drop by… thanks


Bugis Junction and Tough Cookie Cafe.

I think some Manila players are there now, as well. Feel free to coordinate on the PH Fb page.


hi, I am hoping to take part in some sf4 tournament in sg in the future but I have no idea where to look up for information about the sg community. Can anyone link me to a forum or website delicated to sg sf4 scene? thanks



is anyone here (SG SCENE) for SF4AE or USF4? ps3 de… i mean who still plays over at psn,


Hi guys! Are there any arcades or venues that are still around??? I’m probably going to stop by here sometime next week…


Hey guys , Is there any active Street Fighter community in Singapore?
been lurking around and found some facebook groups & forums that are now totally inactived i reckon.

i used to play alot sf2 & sf3 in the arcades last time. Recently have gotten to played SFV final beta on steam, really looking forward to the release soon.
So anyways just checking if there is any Singapore SF community to join, and talk about the game.