Single Character vs. Multiple

Just curious as to what people think of the topic


Single character. I think you’ll ultimately become better if you have no choice but to learn the counter-matchups with your character.

In tournaments I (would) pick my main every time, regardless. I’m fairly sure that knowing every option with one character and executing in their playstyle is more effective than counterpicking and choosing characters you are familiar with,but not expert with.

I’m stubborn. Plus I hate counter picking. it is much more satisfying to try my best when the odds are against me.

Most people stick to their bread and butter (single character) for tourney play. Counter picking not so much. I prefer casuals where players actually mix things up and you get to see a variety of characters used.

I try to pick my main and a backup character but that’s it.

I think counter-picking is kinda stupid unless the character you use to counter others is already one of your main(s). To this day I can’t understand people that say, “I play/main every character in the game”. Sure, you can know their moves, some strategy and such, particularly if a game follows a template so to speak, but you can’t truly master them all, I think.

True mastery is people who pick their one or two characters and devote themselves solely to them. Many people should know what I’m talking about; you become so comfortable with your character you feel as if playing with them is like moving your own limbs, very natural.

Pinballing from one character to another may be fun and get variety but you’ll never get great as opposed to focusing on one character.

One main char, backup char if shit goes wrong such as being off on execution or the other player knows the matchup much better.

I’ve only been using Vega in SF4, and I must say, since I only use him and no one else, I’ve been showing a lot more improvement at a quicker pace, than say how I used to try using everyone in A3,3S,ST, etc.

i go with Single Character when it comes to tournaments, for casuals i really dont care :stuck_out_tongue:

always use my main vs anyone but people i play all the time or people way worse than me.

In Stupid Turbo I counter pick because Honda cannot win against a good Ryu or even a bad Deejay.

In HDR I will play Honda all the way through because he CAN more easily get around fireball x infinity.

In SFIV I am playing Honda only because that’s who my ranking card is linked to. =)

All joking aside, I pretty much completely agree with you. I personally wouldn’t counter-pick unless it was one of my mains. I don’t think it’s ‘wrong’ to counter-pick and I do believe in some games you’re more rewarded for doing so… but I’d rather try to endure the storm with the characters I really know inside and out.

my main and backup

backup is just in case i get counter-picked with a really bad matchup

In the professional scene, I think that perfecting a single character gives better output than learning multiple. Knowing multiple will probably net you more wins against people of similar or lesser skill, but I can’t see that being the case after you and your pals start to really learn the game after a week. Look at people like Muteki Guile, Kodomo Branka, or Noguchi. Guile, Blanka, and Fei-Long players respectively in ST and they can easily hold their own to people who play top tier characters like Claw or Boxer. It’s simply because they know their match-ups thoroughly and know what to do. Again, that’s the difference between a counter-picker and a dedicated user. The counter-picker can’t bring out the full ability of their counter-picks and would lose to a dedicated user every time.



I guess the second choice is also for any Sagat users?

I keed, I keed! :sweat:

Counter-picking… simply because I like winning.

Dakou, kof98. Yes he has a main team but he really has mastered every damn character in the game.

For me, I use my mains but I’m sure that if there was a rediculously bad matchup and I just had to win, I’d probably counterpick (like Rachel vs. Tager).

I love how you use Noguchi as an example when he also switches it up to Claw quite often in tourneys if its not against the rules. Hell I think I’ve seen him in vids playing O. Sagat for cripes sake.

But yeah, asides from how bad that example was I generally agree with you. Theres also another way to generally avoid the one character or multiple dilemma and that is to be a tier whore when choosing your main. That way you don’t have to worry about playing that many counter matches, and you’ll get to know your own character inside and out.