Single color arcade stick pics?

I am about to start painting my TE all in sky blue, with sky blue buttons etc.

Does anyone have any pics of something similar? doesnt matter color, as long as its all single color (with matching buttons).


Next time take your questions to

That said, I wound’t attempt to paint a arcade joystick unless you got alot of experience with painting on plastics already.
A bad or botched job will make everything worst. Paint does not hide flaws, it magnifies them. So sanding the pieces first is highly important.

You have to sand with a high gritt (1000 gritt and up) sandpaper very well.
Then primer it, always primer. Ignore the paints that say you can skip the primer step. This is the difference between a good coat of paint that “bites” into the plastic and paint that peel or flake off later on.

You want to sand in between coats with a very high grit sand paper (auto body quality) wipe down all dust before repainting.
After several coats of paint you want to clear coat or all the work you done is for nothing.
You also want to buff the clear coats smooth as well.

You can take it a step further and polish the whole case in wax sealer for extra polish and protection.

That all said, it is far better to swap parts than to paint them. Also Arcade parts, Buttons and Joystick parts never take well to paint.
And the paint can jam or ruin moving parts.

For the photos you are looking for, check out the** Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (no quoting photos)** thread.

Thanks for the replies. Apologies for posting in the wrong forum…

Ive been through the arcade stick thread quite a bit over the past year or so, just havent found what I am looking for so thought id specifically ask.

Understand the difficulty, I have a bit of experience with car painting etc. I have already painted the 2 side pieces and they have come up good. Process i used:

Sanded with 240 grit
Sanded with 600 grit
Sanded with 600
Light wet sand @ 1200 grit
Clear coat x 2
Wet sand
Swirl remover