Single greatest idea ever

unplug ur alarm clock now, then plug it back in
it will likely (if its cool enough) flash midnight by default…now that shit is normally fucking annoying, cuz who likes blinking lights?

but its fucking accurate. seriously. 100% it really is midnight

unles you’re too slow or too fast

ps found last beer…it was in the freezer

sorry i’ve already done it

will have to try this. :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, my alarm clock has battery backup, so if I plug it in it’s gonna show the right time.

Your plan has been foiled.

yeah mine too and it lasts like 3 or 4 days

My $20 alarm clock automatically finds the correct time when plugged in.

My alarm clock finds the correct time, my internal one doesn’t, but the last time I unplugged that one, things got a bit messy.

Are you a wizard?

Damn, I’ve let my hand slip.

I actually did this years ago because I thought it would be funny, but after a few days, it just started pissing me off.

Cool thing to do.

I still like my idea of Anti-boner underwear better though :stuck_out_tongue:

How does that work?

i have this idea for kosher jewish gum called jew chew

Its gonna be made for awkward boners, like at the beach or when you’re out grinding at the club.

They’re gonna be tight like athletic shorts, and you can wear them under your boxer shorts. Still need to research which materials would work best though.

steel or glass


It’ll work as long as you don’t have some cheap ass weaksauce clock like mine. It’ll do the blinking thing, but every minute it would cycle through the numbers and reset to midnight again. Meh. It ain’t like I ever use it anyway.

Oh yeah biolink. The quickest way to kill a boner on the beach is find the ugly chick. You know, the one with more back hair than a Grizzly bear and teeth that look like the rocky mountains and are pretty much the same color. Once you’ve seen that, a gallon of viagra won’t do anything to you.


I don’t get the OP…

My mind read that as nip slip, and then I headed to google.

This acutally just have me a boner.:hitit: