Single-player fighting games worth exploring

I have a backlog of PC games that I’m working through, although unlike most I am actually making progress! I would like to play a couple of fighting games because I haven’t really touched them in a decade. I do not plan to really play against anyone except perhaps my wife in Soul Calibur 1 (sentimental value for her since she used to play with her cousin, go figure!). Are there any fighting games with particularly good single-player modes that I should check out? Otherwise, I will just look up the popular ones and play a few characters or whatever.

I don’t own any modern consoles, so Gametap/emulators/PC fighters are about it for me.

look for the ones with good story like king of fighters series

A3 World tour mode

Akatsuki Blitzkampf. Tons of shit to do.

Hate to show my completely lack of knowledge about fighting games in the last decade, but do any of these have a story that plays out in the world tour / campaign / single-player mode, or are you referring to a nice backstory and mythos?

Isn’t Warzard basically designed as a one-player fighter?

Soulcalibur III has a kickass mode called “Chronicles of the Sword” which combines the fighting mechanic with RTS. Then there’s Mortal Kombat: Deception/Armageddon to consider. Konquest Mode and Chess/Puzzle/Motor Kombat are a ton of fun.

GGXX story mode?

VF4 Evo quest mode?

Tobal wasn’t bad.

Warzard, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and GGXX story modes are all nice.

GGAC+ and GGXX#Reload story and mission mode are good

KOFXI has a little mission mode kind of thing where you either have to complete it by performing a certain ability or by winning the watch without doing kicks or etc.

This. Sugoroku mode has a nice replay value.

virtua fighter 4 evo is nice for 1 player. quest mode could take you a while.

Akatsuki Blitzkampf: Sugoroku Mode is awesome.

Also Metamoqester is one of the best Single-Player fighting games (better than Warzard IMHO).

Tech Romancer is quite fun in single-player - the story and it’s cut scenes change depending on how you play.

it’s more about just watching endings though