Single Player Frustrations


I’m the kind of guy who likes to play alone, because I don’t take losing well and would rather not make an ass of myself in front of total strangers. However, I don’t have any qualms about letting loose a stream of profanities when I lose to a computer opponent, which I find myself doing with alarming regularity in King of Fighters XIII. Most of the game isn’t tough at all- it took barely any effort to unlock Billy Kane- but oh my lord, that last battle with Saiki and Dark Ash broke me. I’ve just reached a point in my life where I don’t have the time, patience, or blood pressure to battle another infuriating SNK boss. When I reach the final stage, I reach for the guide button, so I can spare myself the aneurysm.

I’m also kind of peeved at the mission mode in Street Fighter X Tekken. The game barely puts up a fight in the arcade mode, but the challenge dial gets cranked up to fourteen in the missions. Worse yet is that many of these missions force you to fight a series of enemies, with lengthy load times sandwiched between each encounter. No matter how far you’ve made it through the gauntlet, one loss is all it takes to take you back to the beginning. It’s not just hugely frustrating, it’s hugely pointless. Capcom might as well give you a giant boulder to roll out of a valley.


Playing a fighting game alone is pretty pointless by itself.

If you’re so concerned with making an ass of yourself by meeting people that you won’t even play randoms online… fighting games aren’t for you, in my opinion.


Eh, I do go online with the 3DS version of Street Fighter IV on rare occasions. Generally I just play with friends, because they’re at roughly the same skill level and I’m reasonably sure the fights will be fun, not annoying. (I played a game online once with some random guy who spammed Vega’s backflip. That cured me of any desire to play against random opponents.)

But anyway, while I do believe competition with other players is a big part of the charm of fighting games, I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary. I enjoy playing alone, and while I doubt I’m ever going to reach a competitive level of performance, I’ve learned enough over the last twenty odd years to hold my own against mid-level opponents. On the occasions that I do play against other players, I prefer to have them in the same room with me… it not only takes flawed netcode and slow internet connections out of the picture, but it guarantees some degree of etiquette from your opponent. It’s a lot easier to act like an obnoxious prick from a thousand miles away than if you were rubbing elbows with the other player.

But getting back to my earlier point… is anyone else just burned out on SNK bosses? They’re not satisfying fights because the characters are grossly overpowered, and are generally only weak to specific attacks repeated ad infinitum. I understand making the player earn that last victory, but there’s a pretty big difference between a challenging fight and one heavily slanted in the computer’s favor. (Maybe I should just be glad Motaro was finally retired from the Mortal Kombat series. The game actually rewrote its own rules to give him an advantage!)


Not only should you play other people, but stream it and have a camera as you lose it. I would watch it.


you should go make an ass out of yourself in front of people to check your immature behavior. at a certain point its time to stop getting furious at video games. it’ll make you a better player (and person).


If you don’t like the feel of losing you should probably stick to things you’re actually good at. (and clearly, fighting games are not one of them)


I have a funny feeling this is going to be one of those arguments I can’t win, and won’t accomplish much from trying.

I’m not a competitive player. I don’t claim to be, nor do I aspire to be one. I just play video games to enjoy myself, which seems to have become a lost art among today’s gamers. Thanks for the condescension, though.


thanks for the passive aggressive condescension. this site has always been a site for competitive SF/FG players. if you want fighting game discussion that isn’t framed for competitive players you’re probably better off checking out Capcom Unity. and for the record we enjoy the fuck out of the games we play.


I don’t mean to be rude, but this sort of thing is best saved for a blog. Please read the rules before posting in the newbie dojo.