Single player joystick RGB LED query


Just looking for some advice. I’m planning to build a single player arcade stick which would be plugged into a PC via USB, to use with emulation software such as Hyperspin.

I’m keen to use LED blinky with RGB LED buttons so that the buttons used for a particular individual game light up. My question is, which controller board(s) is best to go inside this joystick? I looked at the i-pac ultimate though it requires a separate power supply as well as a USB connection. Ideally I just want 1 USB connection as I don’t want to be plugging a joystick into the mains as well. The ports I am using are USB-C so decent power throughput is there.


Any advice here?


Any HID pcb should do for pc.
Verify if your Hyperspin emulation software requires X/D-input and selext an HID PCB that uses that one natively.
For your console pcb selection stay away from MCZ PS4 pcbs.
Post a worklog =)


Depending on your overall goal, you could go UFB with a Kaimana attached to cover both PCB and LED needs.


Thanks for the replies. Sorry for my ignorance - whats a “HID PCB” and a “UFB”?


Good GOD, you DO NOT need the I-PAC Ultimate…

What is USB HID?

A Few Options (cheap->expensive)
USB Zero Delay Encoder
Ultimarc U-HID
Ultimarc Mini-PAC
Ultimarc I-PAC2 (or 4 if needed)
Brook Universal Fighting Board (a huge waste of money for just a PC connection.)

USB connector type © in this case (as far a power delivery is concerned) is irrelevant, as all of these options utilize old USB spec (older than 3.0, let alone 3.1) with “low” power draw (5V 1A, or less)—and power draw is based on the board requirement.