Single Player Matters


The proof is in the pudding:


Singleplayer contents suck, fighting games would have be better without them, faster and more freedom for developers to make a new game, and lower price. There are even people who tried to beat the AI at Hardest Difficulty, thinking they beat the game.


I agree, I usually don’t give two shits about anything other than training and versus but people like us are in the minority.


I have played versus online twice and have not done it since. Lag and connection drops destroy any enjoyment to be gained in playing human competition, so I only play locally the few times I have an opportunity. I don’t think I have ever beaten a fighting game (i.e. learned every mechanic and every character’s moveset). I have however enjoyed some of the gameplay modes offered and have enjoyed going back to them and starting anew. Some games have had amazing A.I. and others have been a nightmare to play without another person. If you make the A.I. unreasonably cheap and remove any exploits there will be nothing worth playing except versus and training. I strongly doubt most people would ever play the game again.


It matters for a week, then it’s bak to never touching that particular FG. The MP portion is what keeps the community going long after these people forgot about the game.
Alternatively, fg’s lack GOOD SP content, it’s all done halfassed and gives a shitty story and teaches the person nothing about how to actually play the game.


No modern fighting games have matched the single player content of Def Jam: Fight for NY, Guilty Gear: Judgement, Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution, Street Fighter Alpha 3, Tekken 3-6, and Soul Blade/Calibur I-III. Those games definitely had more than a week’s worth of content. I play fighting games as far back as Karate Champ and Yie Ar Kung-Fu, so I would not doubt that others play the above mentioned games from time to time.


I’m sure most people who bought Quake 1 and 2 only played the single player, but the series ended up ditching the single player in the 3rd game and becoming famous for its multiplayer(Q3A is a legendary multiplayer game at this point). That was a pretty surprising move, but it worked out. Now would that work for a fighting game like Street Fighter? Maybe, but most of the work is in creating the characters and core mechanics. By the time that is done it just makes sense to tack on a single player to broaden the game’s appeal.


The pudding is filled with people who play for 2 weeks and then never play again.


Come on OP

You’re actually making a fighting game.

You could have added a lot more to the opening post than just a link to another forum.
No description of the topic title you linked to. Not even why “single player matters.”

Have you ever mapped out any kind of expected return from the resources you would need to put into the single player content for your game. Is it necessary? Is it worth it? Being indie and even a bit of its own type within the very widespread game-to-game genre that is fighting games, where they can be very different from eachother, its more likely you want to make the best game you can first - among how hard it is to get a foothold on creating a community around your game by getting as much exposure as you can.

And even then its up to a lot of luck right?

That kinda % breakdown is not in depth, only a quick cursory look at things, and can really just say the same thing about any game, people don’t play them very long before they move on.

The same numbers might come up for those achievements in games on ’ % of players who finished chapter 1’ drops off right away to chapter 2, like half, every time.

Who wants a Fighting game where people will only play the single player stuff. To the detriment of actually fighting another player. Air Dash fighting games, 3D Fighting games…



i think is matter to keep the causal audience interested and to increase sales. my dad is hella causal and buys COD and Halo for single player, where most bro gamers buys them for the multiplayer. I believe single player matter so your game doesn’t die like Virtua Fighter.

i never touched sf or mk story mode.


I love single player content in every game I buy.

My focus on fighting games is the lab and offline. But I love single player campaigns. MKX has a fantastic single player. And having a single player campaign wont add any more to the cost, the of game is priced relevant to the prices of other games on the market and what the dev company or publisher feels is fair.

Though what I feel all fighting games need in the single player department is more unlockables. I wont pay shit to buy costume DLC. But I will grind out hours and hours in the single player to unlock a new costume. And the more there is to unlock the more I will enjoy the grind. Sometimes I don’t want to play in the lab. Sometimes I don’t want to go online. And more often than not unless there is a tournament or like one weekend out of every month, I can’t play anybody decent offline. I use single player for the story and as a great way to add my own rules. Only sweeps and throws. No punches. No kicks. It’s a fun environment. And rewarding when you complete it. And adding your own rules and restrictions is a great way to practice the weak parts in your game and level up without some dick online moaning that you spam the same move all the time or block to much.

Actually, now that I put that out there, it is also a great way to practice with spaced repetition. The breaks between matches with something to watch distract your brain. And the enemy gets harder and harder as you progress. I feel like playing some single player again right now.


Fighting games are poverty. That’s what matters.


of course it does.
its one of the most important parts when it comes down to how well your game might sell.
people buy games to have fun…“press buttons” and achieve something by finishing a story mode or whatever.

getting online… being forced to actually learn, which isnt so much fun for a lot of people, or get rekt…isnt something
the usual casual gamers desires for. people want to relax and have a good time.

thats something which a singleplayer mode can provide.


I can pretty much guarantee you the numbers are only that high because of the incentives most fighting games nowadays offer for completing the story mode.

SFV nets you huge amounts of FM.

Xrd and Central Fiction also yield you large amounts of in-game money, the latter also giving you an unlockable character.

MKX nets you money and a character.

KOF is no different.

I’m sitting on the assumption that this has to be a troll post, but I really can’t tell on SRK anymore. There’s definitely MUCH better points you could’ve used to make your argument.


At this point, people in the FGC are just chasing their own tails.

By now, I would hope everyone realizes that the majority of gamers don’t care about FGs, and the majority of gamers who do buy FGs will drop them after a month because they don’t/can’t compete online and story modes in most FGs are extremely limited in content.

If a company really wants to sell units, they have to include a deep story mode (at least 60 hours of actual playing), upgrades, co-op or multiplayer, side quests, and all that other shit people like.

What SFV and GG did isn’t cutting it. A 2 hour movie with a few fights mixed in couldn’t be less interesting and after you’re done with that snoozefest, there is zero reason to ever play it again.


of coruse single player matters, No one really said it doesn’t. What matter is how its executed and lot of company don 't do so well or they put way to much fluff in it that winds up being more of distraction.

The single player contact should be teaching player how to play the game (tutorial, training, mission/challenge), or allow them to test their abilities in some shape form that still within the confines of the game (survival/ endurance, time attack/ score attack, arcade ladder). everything else is not necessary but can be welcomed additions but never be the focus of the game (SFA/3 world tour, NRS krypt, pokken fera league).

Problem is that fighters are game that mostly designs about gameplay and mastering of them. The satisfaction in these game comes from performing well. Their no different from score attack games shootem/ ups, and beatem ups, but just like them they get poor reception for their repetitive nature of doing the same thing over gain. Many people are fickle and want instant gratification instead of enjoying the learning process.

at same time these game aren’t;t easy to learned due to their complexity. a lot of times if you really want to get deep into game mechanics, player have to step outside of the game and find other resources with more detail info which is turn off because it becomes more of an investment.


A 60 hour story mode? That is definitely not what people want that when they buy a fighting game. Maybe if it’s an RPG-fighter hybrid, but even then you can’t add something like to SF or MK. What they did with MK Deception was interesting and I enjoyed it, but it was only a fraction of that length and I was sick of it by the end.

Maybe you’re one of those people who expects over 60 hours of content when you buy a $60 game, but you are in the minority. Most people are fine with a 12 hour or less story mode. That is absolutely not a requirement for a game to do well, and shooting for that with a fighting game is probably a great way to demonstrate the law of diminishing returns.


Good single player content is absolutely necessary in fighting games.
You can’t pull Star Wars Battlefront or League of Legends (unless the game is free) in a fighting game.
You can’t just go online, hide somewhere with a sniper rifle, get a kill and die 10 times and still get carried by your team and feel great about yourself afterwards.

If you go online, you’ll get your teeth kicked in and only have yourself to blame which most people sadly can’t deal with, so in order for people to say good things about your game there needs to be an enjoyable single player experience.

I know so many people who think Tekken 3 is the greatest game of all time and that they’re great in it until I destroy their asses even though I’m terrible at the game.
They never played the game against other people and the game made them feel competent at it while having fun going through all the single player stuff.


Not anymore as a patch made the bosses unlocked by default.


Single player content mattered to me when I lived in a third world country and I had no internet access and zero friends. Its the reason I fell in love with fighting games in the first place. I’d be sad if they were abandoned.