Single player mirror matches in "Street Fighter II - The World Warrior" possible?


“Street Fighter II - The World Warrior” for the arcade does not enable both players to choose the same character and the computer won’t choose the character that you’re fighting with either.

Now, the Super Nintendo version had a cheat for two player mirror matches. Single player fights still didn’t include mirror matches. (I.e. even with the cheat enabled, if I lose with Ryu against Chun Li and then choose Chun Li, the computer will still choose Ryu.)

However, on the Super Nintendo, there is a way to trick the A.I. to choose the same fighter as you. I requires some steps to enable this, but it is possible: Do certain actions and the computer will not notice that he’s choosing the fighter that you’re controlling in the moment.

My question: Is there any way to do this in the arcade version? Two player mirror matches are of course out of the question since the character select items cannot move to the same fighter. But is there any way to exploit the A.I. so that it chooses the same fighter as you?


are you using an emulator or an actual cabinet. If you are using an emulator (i.e mame) you can set up a cheat that allows you to select the same characters.


I have both, but I’m not interested in any emulator cheats. I’d like to know if there’s a way to trick the A.I. to choose the same fighter as yourself. I know that it is possible in the Super Nintendo version, so I wanted to know if it’s possible in the arcade version as well.



Thanks for the video. However, this only seems to work with Ryu and only if Ryu is your first opponent.
For example, I used Guile and fought against Chun Li, Blanka and Zangief. Then, after the bonus round, the plane went to Ryu. I got myself defeated, then I activated player 2 and chose Ryu. This time, my opponent was Zangief.
I’d really like to know which algorithm the game uses to determine the opponent if there’s any conflict.
On the Super Nintendo, there’s a reliable way to do one player mirror matches. It works with any fighter. (And there’s an additional special way that works only with Ryu when you’re player 1 and Ken when you’re player 2.) But except from the above example, I haven’t seen a way yet to trick the algorithm in the arcade version.


Ryu vs Ryu is it.